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  1. Been off line for a while, sorry. I order my bagels from Kinnikinnick. They are an on line store that has great baked goods. Some stores carry them, they would be in the frozen section. I think Whole Foods has them sometimes. The chicken tenders are gluten free, just regular ones from Tyson. Tyson doesn't add anything to them. And the Teriyaki sauce is from LaChoy and is gluten free.
  2. PG Tips is not a flavored tea. It is black tea in a pyramid shaped tea bag made in England. The bottom of my box has the Unilever symbol. Unilever is a company that will list any gluten. I drink it all the time.
  3. I can only tell you what my numbers did. Before gluten free my level was 124. Seven months later it was 5. Could she be eating gluten that you don't know about? I am not talking about having the kitchen gluten free or new everything. I didn't do that. And I still eat out every week. But is she in school? Could she be eating something there that she thinks is gluten free but isn't? What about at Grandma's? Or friends house's? I am sure that you know about toasters and cutting boards. But double check that no one else in the house is using the gluten free ones for gluten stuff. I would also be happy that the numbers are going in the right direction. But I understand that you wished you could see a bigger difference.
  4. I hate to be the wet blanket here, but have you thought about maybe he doesn't want to be tested because he wouldn't change his diet anyway? Think about how much trouble we all went through the first month or two. I completely cleaned my kitchen. Scrubbed everything down, sectioned off gluten and gluten free, and gave away loads of food. At 72, would he go through that. What about your Mom, she would have to change the way she has cooked for over 44 years. He is 72. Think of his quality of life. And no I am not getting this on my own. Dr. Alessio Fasano, the Medical Director of the U of Md Celiac Research center says the same thing. He would seriously question a 72 year old that wanted to be tested. Having him tested would only tell you where it came from.
  5. I have not been a member of Weight Watcher's, but most of my family has. I never had a weight problem until I started eating gluten free. I am using their information and have been counting points for almost five weeks. And I have lost 11.4lbs. My parents are doing it to, and the race is on to see who can lose the most by Christmas. I would like to lose 40lbs total. One of my most common breakfasts is 1/2 cup Eggbeaters, 1 slice 2% Kraft American and veggies all scrabbled together. I then put salsa on it. Yum. Next is 1/2 a Kinnickinnick bagel with low fat cream cheese. I have yogurt or a banana mid morning. For dinner I love Tyson's chicken tenders marinaded with LaChoy Teriyaki sauce, a little rice and lots of free veggies.
  6. All Woodchuck is gluten free, including the pear. That is what I have in the fridge right now. jerseyangel: I use them as a replacement for wine coolers. They are sweet but not overpowering.
  7. It really depends. My husband and son are not gluten free and we do not have a gluten free household. They eat gluten stuff most days. Today we had chili dogs for lunch. Their's on a bun, mine on corn tortillas. I have my own toaster, cutting board and red handled utensils. I use the same can opener, but we have one that doesn't cut into the can, rather it lifts the top off. I have signs posted on cabinets over the counters that say, "Gluten free zone" and "Gluten zone." I also have a sign above the stove that says, "STOP, don't taste the pasta." Gluten free pasta is just too expensive to buy it for everyone. Kisses from my husband are banned if he has eaten gluten and my son kisses my cheek. And my son tends to not want to kiss me if he has had gluten. If gluten is eaten in the living room, it happens in two places. I don't sit at those places. We sit in the same chairs at the same place at the table to eat. My goal, when I went gluten free, was to change as little about their lives as possible. I don't eat gluten, I wash my hands a lot and I wipe counters a number of times a day. It seems to work. I feel great and in seven months my blood test went from 124 to 5. I must be doing something right.
  8. If they look at you like that, you could have said, " I am sorry, but I have Celiac and even the smallest piece of bread will make me sick." I also would have cut the meal a bit before sending it back. That way you know that you have a fresh meal. I also, other than one place I eat where everyone knows me, always ask to speak to the manager. It alerts him/her and also alerts your server. I always try to be kind, but firm.
  9. When people ask how I feel, I tell them that I feel 10 years younger. My only concern about my blood levels were that although I follow the diet, our house is not gluten free. We also eat out twice a week. It is always the same 4 restaurants, but I do eat out. I did not get new pans or a new cutting board, but I did wash the old ones throughly. I do have my own toaster and spreadables but there is plenty of gluten in the house. The family is always very careful, but now I know we are being careful enough.
  10. So, I went gluten free Dec 6 of last year. At that time my tTG was 124. They also did a biopsy that showed total villus atrophy. Now, seven months later, they did a follow up blood test. My tTG is now 5! According to the report, 0-3 is negative, 4-10 is weak positive and over 10 is positive. I know that I am aiming for less than 4, but after only 7 months, I think 5 is pretty good. What I am doing, must be working.
  11. It isn't very long, and chili isn't on it. Their web site talks about allergens, but many companies don't consider gluten an allergen. Their list says, "We will make every effort to keep this list up to date, but some products made without gluten may not be included."
  12. Years ago, before I had Celiac, I was called for Jury Duty. It lasted just over a week AND we were sequestered. We stayed in a hotel next door to the court house. About the second day in, I got a UTI. I to had to call my doctor, while a police officer listened in, have antibiotics called into a pharmacy near the court house and have a police officer go and pick them up. All of this had to be approved by the judge and both lawyers. At first I felt terrible. All of this trouble for a UTI. It would have been easier to just send me home. The Tipstaff told me that it wasn't a big deal. That if they can accommodate someone they will. By the way, I also had to run to the bathroom a number of times. It is the nature of the infection. Once the court knew, it wasn't a big deal. I would be more worried about food and what I could bring in rather than assuming I will be in the bathroom too much.
  13. Has anyone tried to make the mix into a French Loaf? You know like the one that they got the slice from for the picture on the box. The instructions on the back give information about a 9by5 loaf pan, a bread machine and pizza. I am trying to get a long slender loaf. Like the ones we used to buy from the bakery for dinner.
  14. They could be avoiding him because an infection smells. I have had an infected tooth. I had a bad taste in my mouth until I got it fixed. It was horrible. So I can just imagine what the other cats think.
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