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  1. I tried this recipe in my Zoj-X20 and it came out wonderful! I also do everything mama does for a smooth look. I really like the texture to this bread. Here are the settings I use on my machine: Warm: 10 minutes Knead: 18 minutes Rise 1: off Rise 2: off Rise 3: 55 minutes Bake: 55 minutes...
  2. Okay, the flavor of the bread is great. But I goofed. The loaf is all mis-shapened on the top *sigh*, which is why I got a bread machine, heh heh. But tell me.....it seems like whether out of the oven, or in a bread machine, the gluten-free breads I bake are always a little gummy. Am I not baking...
  3. Okay, got mine rising as I write! Combined exactly as orig. recipe. I am going to bake one version in the oven and next time I am going to try it in MY new Zojirushi X20, using the gluten-free setting. *anticipating with glee* *hope dd loves it*