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  1. No, unfortunately My son got very sick eating from his camping mess kit which he hadn't used in over two years. But it probably hadn't been washed very well, either. I've done a lot of gluten-free baking- cheesecakes are a breeze. An almond meal crust is great or I save the crumbs from any gluten-free cookies and hoard them in a jar until I have enough for a crumb crust. I've made a lot of bread puddings out of not-so-great breads, but I've also made some great breads using the three and four flour recipes in The Gluten Free Baker Bakes Bread. There is a gluten-free bakery in Philadelphia that people drive miles to get to. I think a gluten-free cafe could be a great success! I've been lucky that my husband is willing to live gluten free at home. My son gets horribly sick, and I get somewhat sick. I can't imagine how hard it would be to live and cook in a non gluten-free household. Keep trying baking- there are some great recipes out there and experimentation is fun
  2. Congratulations! I'm glad it turned out so well and that you had the courage to confront the issue. If you enjoyed spending time with him, it couldn't have been much fun for you to keep feeling sick. Definitely a keeper! I'm still trying to convince my husband that crumbs matter.
  3. The only way that my son's problems were finally diagnosed is because my mother was positively diagnosed at age 72 last summer. She STRONGLY suggested genetic testing through Entero Labs for all her kids. When my genetic tests came back positive for both gluten intolerance and Celiac Sprue, I had both my children tested. I thought I had no symptoms, but I have a long history of autoimmune disorders and fibromylagia. My son was sick and we and his doctor had no idea why.... If my mother hadn't insisted on the testing, maybe we'd have figured it out by now or maybe he'd still be sick. I'm really glad she was so firm. My daughter has all the same genetic markers but no symptoms that she's aware of, and at age 24 she at least is armed with the knowledge of what could be happening to her. Except for my son's breakfast cereal, we don't purchase much special gluten free foods. We ate whole, unprocessed food previously. After failed attempts at either buying or making a decent sandwich bread, he has switched to taking containers of chicken salad, egg salad, etc for school lunches, or corn tortillas and taco makings. He's actually the envy of his friends. Other than my husband's occasional beer and HIS cereal, the house is gluten free and it hasn't cost us any more to eat this way than it did before. This is such a strongly genetic condition that I'd have testing done. Even if they carry the genes and show no symptoms, damage could be accruing and blood tests will show negative. It really isn't more expensive if you choose healthy foods instead of processed. I know I'm looking at this from the perspective of someone with an already sick kid, and one who is old enough to make choices and understand the ramifications. Good luck, whatever you choose!
  4. I use HDT ProBlend 55, either the Chocolate Fudge or the Alpine Vanilla. Both are gluten free, but contain a variety of protein sources including eggs, whey and casein. I have at least one shake a day and haven't had problems with this product. I had to sell several unopened cannisters of SAN Anabolic Infusion because it did contain gluten, although it was the tastiest powder I've ever used. I agree that whole foods would be a better choice, but there are times (like when I'm working) that I can't eat a meal, but I can sip a shake. I consider myself a bodybuilder. My entire day is centered around the gym and eating or preparing food, but as a celiac and mother of a celiac, the gluten issue is just one more giant hassle in a world of food issues. I'm a personal trainer and pretty much live at the gym. I really disagree that bodybuilding or serious weight training is unhealthy. COMPETITION PREP is unhealthy. Doing lifts incorrectly or too heavy is unhealthy. Obviously, anabolic steriods and no cardio is unhealthy. And yes, maybe I'm compensating. I have fibromyagia as well and found that eating clean and lifting weights pretty much ended my pain.
  5. Welcome SerahLily! I'm new here to. I just de-lurked
  6. No, that's not so weird. It's a very predictable behavior but also one that you CAN combat by substituting other behaviors to relieve stress. If you are getting adequate fats in your diet with avocado and other naturally occuring sources, I doubt you're having physical cravings. Head cravings, yes. Believe me, I'm an expert on those! Until I read that post on the toxins in peanut butter, natural peanut was one of my favorite binge foods I knew about the toxins, but I don't think I've ever seen it all so succintly stated before!
  7. LOL, if you live anywhere near me you can have the 5 loaves sitting in my pantry! I don't eat bread and my son absolutely refuses to eat any of the commercial gluten-free breads that I've optimistically bought.
  8. I've had this too and went racing to the ER in a panic- literally. After colonscopy, GI doc told me I was totally clean but had a few small internal hemmorhoids. That was last summer. It's happened a few times since, and I've narrowed it down to times when I do long runs. For me, I don't think it has anything to do with celiac disease. Are you a runner or do heavy weight training? It seems to be fairly common for distance runners and is known as "runners bleed."
  9. That was very interesting! Thanks for posting it, Moelle. I'm new here too, and was about to scream SOAP TOO?? What else is left? Good grief! OK, I've calmed down and am now relatively assured that the inexpensive "deodorant bar" type soaps that I buy are not making me or my son sick. Thanks for all the information on this forum Mel
  10. Hi! I live in the Malvern/West Chester area and was diagnosed last November along with my 16 year old son who is much sicker and having a lot more adaptation problems than I am. Is there really gluten-free pizza commercially available anywhere? Doylestown is quite a hike for us. Mel
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