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  1. I'm so glad I just read thi- after ignoring my symptoms for 2 years i was finally diagnosed in early november at age 31...and my hair has started to fall out more than normal...leaving me in tears many many days. my dr. says that it will come back..i am encouraged by all of your reponses..i am on a gluten, wheat, lactose free diet and so many symptoms have gone away- sometimes i still feel 8 months pregnant after i eat ANYTHING - still gassy and bloated but the severe pain from the spastic gallblader has gone away or at least been dormant since i started this diet... the hair thing i struggle with everyday...but i will try to believe it is going to get better- we really have nowhere to go but up. I feel for all of you:)
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions for a gluten free gum? Also I run 10 miles a day and used to drink propel or vitamin water...but now I'm scared of those..anyone have any ideas on that?
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