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  1. Thank you for your input. Peanut butter has never settled well with me so I bet the other nut butters probably are affecting me as well. It is so hard to pin-point the culprit of the symptoms that pop-up. I will just have to stick to my eggless, dairy free, nut free muffins instead of trying to experiment with cookies. Thanks again!
  2. I was just wondering what kind of symptoms anyone gets if they eat eggs or almond butter. I am having a hard time figuring out where my symptoms are coming from and if they even relate to eggs or almonds. I have trouble with peanut butter so I made cookies with almond butter, brown sugar, and egg whites. Those were the only ingredients and after I ate them my chest got really tight and my throat felt like it swelled up. I can't pin down the culprit because I don't even know if these symptoms correlate to the cookies. Anyone who could give me any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi! I have been reading the information on this website for some time now but I finally registered today. I just wanted to comment on the bloating issue. I have had the same problem for my whole life. I always wondered why my belly would bloat out right after I ate especially if it was bread, pasta, pizza, etc. I just assumed it was because of the fat content considering that I didn't eat a high fat diet. I have always been a small person, 5 feet tall and about 115 lbs, growing up but my stomach would never go flat no matter how much I worked out. Now at 31 years old I am even smaller, 90 lbs, but my stomach is the same. It kills me that no matter what it will not go flat despite running at least 8 miles a day. I am completely gluten free now but it took some time to find out all the places gluten was sneaking up on me and then eliminating it. However, some candy that is gluten free seems to affect me. I have always had a sweet tooth and loved to eat mike-n-ike's, sweet tarts, skittles, big hunk candy bars, etc. When I eat them I feel yucky and then get constipated. It seems like the longer I am gluten free the more sensitive I am to foods that are not pure and wholesome even if they are gluten free. Hence, I am now eating bananas in rice milk with cinnamon and honey for a treat. It is very good and a whole lot healthier but I sure miss candy. Anyway, my point is that even though my stomach feels better it is not flat and I am not sure it will ever be. I look funny with no butt or hips and a distended belly but hopefully over time this will improve. I was however wondering if sweet-n-low affects anyone in reference to the bloated belly issue? Sorry to babble on and on, but I wasn't sure where to go and post this.
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