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  1. Hi Jess, Sorry I don't leave in Boston. But I do work for a Dentist in Maryland. Everyone in the office understands what I am going through. They recently got me gluten free prophy paste, which is the tooth paste your doctor or hygentist uses. They can get it from any dental supplier they use. If they won't, they could use pumice, that is used in every dental office. Flouride treatments also can be ordered gluten free now, but it is not necessary for adult to have this unless there is a problem, so just don't allow them to give you any flouride treatment. The only other thing I avoid is topical anesthisia. You just have to tough it up and allow the dentist to give you injections without it. I suggest you find a dentist that is a good doctor and that you like, then hopefully he will listen. Good Luck, Susan PS-still checking on Listerine
  2. Please help, I was very sick, ended up in the hospital. They said it was because my sodium level was dangerously low. After many, many test they can not find any reason. I don't want to feel that bad again. Has anyone had this problem? Do you know if it is linked to Celiac? Doctors just ask if you are staying on the diet and that the end to that. Susan
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