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  1. Hi Happygirl... I must say, your ID gives me hope that someday I won't feel like life is just one loooonnng, aggravating, pain-in-the-neck dodging of food ingredients; the more I learn about the Lurking Wheat/Rice Monster, the less happy I get. Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm all too familiar w/the whole CYA thing...it's pervasive! At any rate, the gluten/rice thing is sorta complicated, I guess, by large chronic pain issues. I've recently switched over to a fentanyl transdermal patch for long-acting relief, so that cuts out one potential problem. I still take hydrocodone/tylenol or oxycodone/tylenol for break-thru pain, desipramine (generic f/Norpramin), dyazide, Sudafed....Plus OTC stuff I can read ingreds on, and usually dodge the baddies. I take thyroid replacement but recently switched to a compounded formula that I have confirmed is safe. If my stupid insurance covered them, I'd all the Rxs cmpounded, but can't afford that! Do I need to ditch the generics? Can name brands be better pinned down? What in the world about people with life-threatening problems (unlike my merely unpleasant ones)?! Can Pfeizer & Watson etc just say, "Hey sorry, tough luck, you can't touch us, neener, neener!"? As you may be able to tell, this has me a wee bit crazed.
  2. Hello, folks. Newbie here. I'm guessing this has appeared b4, but (as opposed to my usual practice elsewhere) I'm gonna throw it out again b4 I blow a gasket. I'm still relatively new at the ins 'N' outs of this whole gluten-free thing. Wheat & rice cause, (among other things) hideous arthritis-like pain, for which has been prescribed painkillers. It belatedly occurred to me to inquire about wheat prods in the drug. Ha. I just spoke with a cuss service rep at a major pharmaceuticals company; he assured me there's no way at all for them to say whether anything they produce is gluten-free, b/c they get all these ingredients from all over the place and really have no way of knowing what any of them are. WHAT THE FRANKENFURTER?!?! The FDA is so toothless that the pharm companies can just toss in any old ingredient some random supplier happens to send them, they don't know what it is, don't hafta care?! So what was all that hoo-ha about "we can't let people buy meds from Canada, heaven only knows what they might contain"?! We don't even know what stuff contains that's made in the good ole US of A! Who do I write? Where do I scream? Is there any point, or do the pharm lobbyists have de guvmint so tied up I'm wasting my time? There are some medications that I HAVE to take daily; do I just cross my fingers (unless wheat in a med has made them immobile)? It is beyond outrageous!
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