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  1. Hi Jennifer, I'm relatively new to this as well and I can honestly say that you are not alone! I was dx last September, was good for about a few weeks after being gluten-free, then had a horrible downward spiral for three months - chronic D, nausea, horrible urges, anxiety, etc. I suspect I've had celiac for about 11 years so I know it'll take a while to heal. Everybody is different in the healing process but I can share what has helped me. I've been keeping a food journal and try to avoid things that would typically upset my stomach - like caffeine, alcohol, excessive sugar, dairy, etc. I also saw an allergist and learned I was allergic to peanuts and almonds - which were a major staple in my diet! Then after seeing a nutritionist, I started taking probiotics and enzymes - another major help for me. This is my fifth month of being gluten-free and I still have good days and bad days. Fortunately the chronic D has subsided - yippee! From everything I've read, it seems it is typical to have these symptoms after being gluten-free since the symptoms of celiac will often mask other problems. Keep posting here! This is a great to learn (and vent!). Good luck!
  2. I haven't talked to the allergist yet. In fact, I haven't started the diet yet! I'm going shopping for it today and will start tomorrow. I am wondering how the starter foods are going to react with me since I don't eat them too often - pineapple, beets, asparagus, to name a few. I'm guessing I'll just eliminate the suspect food if I'm still having problems after a week - I hope it's not pineapple! The starter diet is supposed to be from 10-14 days and I add foods for three days at a time. Thanks for the heads up! I would've probably gotten concerned as that hardly ever happens to me! Unless I take Immodium though
  3. Hi Susie, What kind of elimination diet are you doing and for how long does it last? I've read up on various types of them but the one I want to stick to is the one my allergist recommended . She said it's Hypo (I think) allergenic. So I guess there's foods on there that a lot of people aren't intolerant (or allergic) to. She gave it to me to help find my intolerances so I would like to assume she knows what she's talking about
  4. The protein powder sounds interesting. Were you allowed meat or any other protein source on your elimination diet? I want to stick with the one my allergist recommended. It looks do-able for me. I'm just hoping it'll fix my issue!
  5. Thanks for your responses! I was given an elimination diet by my allergist. She said to follow the diet for two weeks and then add a new thing for three days to see how it affects me. What I currently eat (as per my nutrionist's recommendation) does involve a decent amount of fruits and vegetables. I'm just baffled though since I was doing well for two weeks with the diet the nutrionist recommended along with the probiotics and enzymes. I don't understand why all of a suddent I'm back to mush. More importantly, I'm terrified of it going back to the chronic D I had before. The other issue I wrestle with is how possible is it for me to have a solid bm. I was dx last September but I think I've had it for about 11 years. Once I started the gluten-free diet, that's when chronic diarrhea hit me, along with nausea and a slew of other issues. So is mushy bm's just a fact of my life or is this an indication that I'm eating something that doesn't agree with me?
  6. Sorry for the potty talk! Can I expect a solid BM while on an elimination diet? A while ago, I was having severe problems with the big D. I started on probiotics and enzymes and that seemed to help. I was having relatively solid BM's for about two weeks. Now all of a sudden, I'm back to mush. It only happens about once or twice a day, but it's not solid anymore :-( I'm thinking of trying an elimination diet to figure out where I went wrong. Should I expect solid BM's while on that diet? Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Hi Carol, I'm new to this particular forum. Your post about something in the gluten-free foods intrigues me. How are you with plain potatoes and plain rice? I was dx last August and have been having problems with diarrhea since last October. I've been seeing my GI, allergist and a nutrionist and they are all currently helping me locate my problem. I've heard from a few fellow celiac people that carbs found in potatoes, rice, corn, etc are particularly difficult to digest so they avoid them. I'm wondering if that's where I'm heading. Any feedback is greatly appreciated :-) Lisa, I'm glad you found what was giving you D. I'm still struggling so I was empathizing with you. Donna
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