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  1. Hi, Can anyne recommend a gluten free multivitamin that I can get over the counter? I've been taking One-a-Day but I saw on their website that they say they don't add gluten but can't say if their suppliers do. I have seen a lot of conflicting reports on Centrum, Centrum Silver, Centrum kids, aye aye aye! Does anyone know about the Walmart brand multi, Equate I think it is, or Cosco brand, Kirkland? Thanks!! Marie
  2. My face broke out too. It seems to be clearing up now.
  3. Hi, To try to make a long story short my family has been gluten-free for a few months but no one has had an official diagnosis. I have a 9 year old a 3 year old and a 16 month old girl. The baby has been gluten-free more because the house is gluten free than because she had symptoms. Then yesterday we got glutened. My oldest daughter was up all night with stomach pain and now my 16 mo has an itchy rash. She has had a rash around her neck and upper chest for a long time but after going gluten-free it has subsided - I thought I just finally found the right ombination of shampoo, soap and bubble bath but now I am starting to wonder. My 9yo always got itchy rashes too. They aren't like blisters or hives though, they are more like little, sightly raised bumps over a reddish area. Right now the baby has a few spots on her neck that have litte scabs from her scratching. Could this be DH? Can babies and kids get it? And can it be milder than what is usually described? I guess time will tel ultimately, if a gluten-free diet works or not! I thank you for any information! Marie
  4. McDonalds' website does not list french fries on their gluten free list and their allergen list it says the fries contain gluten and wheat. I just ooked it up because my daughter ate some today and now has a bad tunny ache:( http://www.mcdonalds.com/app_controller.nu...uten.index.html http://www.mcdonalds.com/app_controller.nu...gens.index.html Marie
  5. I see this popcorn on a lot of safe lists but I am a little suspiious. My family had been doing great guten free and lately we have all had a bit of a relapse, so I have been going over all of our food looking for the culprit. This morning I had some ACTII popcorn, not the extreme flavor one tht is cautioned against, first thing in the morning before I had anything else (was making school lunch) and half an hour later had a stomach ache and my lip feels like its getting a cold sore. I looked up the popcorn and everyone says its ok but I notice their web site no longer says it's gluten free like an older thread here quotes it (http://www.actii.com/company/faqs.jsp). The ConAgra site has this to say: (http://www.conagrafoods.com/utilities/includes/faq.jsp) "What is gluten? Gluten is a mixture of plant proteins that occurr in grain. A small percentage of the population have an intolerance or allergy to foods containing these proteins. Which of your products contain gluten? We are sorry to inform you that we do not have a source that lists the gluten content of our products. However, our product labels list common allergens; such as wheat, for those allergic to wheat gluten." That's it. I don't know if I trust wheat free to be good enough. I tried to call them but their office was closed and there was a recording saying that they will list the major allergens. I will trcalling again later and will hopefully talk to a rep. Has anyone else had problems with this popcorn? Marie
  6. Thanks everyone, it is much appreciated. I am making a list of all of this and will go over it with her. We sent a hot dog and corn chips today. I think I am more stressed about it than her, she is happy, before this I hardly ever let her eat chips LOL! Marie
  7. What does she use for bread?
  8. Hi, My daughter has been gluten free for about 2 weeks and is doing amazing!!! She is about to go back to school though and I am finding myself at a loss as to what to put in her school lunches. She hates corn tortillas and celery and the easier to put together in the morning the better. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!! Marie
  9. I went gluten free about 2 weeks ago and the sinus pain I had been having for months went way within 3 days! I also found I could breath really clearly through my nose. I actually had surgery on my nose once o correct the deviated septum so I could breath but it never made mch of a difference and now it is all clear as though it was swollen and now is not. Marie
  10. That's pretty interesting with the Lyme disease. I just went and read about it and how it is suspected to have an autoimmune component. Maybe it is one of several things that can trigger Celiac symtoms in someone who is genetically predisposed? I'll ask my mom if she has been tested for it already. I know she is concerned now that her test for Lupus might not have really been negative, she gets the buterfly rash on her face but her dr. assured her she didn't have Lupus either. Her MS dignoses was hinged on the brain lesions on the MRI and she was under the impression that MS was the only thing that did that. Her doctors weren't very well informed about MS either. Yes she took steroids and was on interferon for a year and not only did it not help but she got a lot worse while taking it. Now she is pretty much refusing to take anything or try anything and even has to be prodded to go to the doctor at all. She is a retired RN even! It is sounding to me like they might have been barking up the wrong tree all along. Yeah, I am realy going to encourage her to see the people in Chicago. Thanks for that article Rachel! I have never heard of any of this before. I was surprised to see the area of CA we used to live in shaded on that map and also the place my mom grew up heavily shaded. Very, very interesting. I have also never heard of a gluten free diet for people with MS. I hope doctors start catching up on all of this, geez. Thanks!!!! Marie
  11. Hi! I have been reading for several weeks but haven't been posting yet. It's amazing how much I see myself and my family in the problems people describe in this forum. My attention was captured when my mom saw a mystery diagnosis that showed a child with celiac disease who had seizures, neurological symptom. I've been searching for years for something that explained my problems with anxiety and the general sick feeling I have all the time and its association with food. And then my daughter with her unexplained stomach aches and diarrhea all the time. Then upon reading I find that it can cause lesions on the brain - my mom was diagnosed with MS based on the lesions, but the treatments they have tried only made her sicker but she has all the ataxia, numbness in hands and feet, brain fog, vertigo, really a long list of what I am seeing described here. I don't have insurance right now so I decided to try a gluten free diet to see if it helped and it is a lot! The difference in my daughter in only a few weeks is miraculous, her joints aren't aching, she says she isn't tired all the time anymore ( I didn't know she was before) and she hasn't had a single bout of diarrhea or a stomach ache!!! She is also no longer ravenously hungry all the time and her cheeks are pink! My mom is still eating gluten but is seeking diagnosis. Her family doctor tested her and said she was negative. She said 'oh well' but I convinced her to not give up because something struck me as odd. The nurses said they couldn't read the results and the doctor avoided her calls before he finally gave her the dismissive 'it was negative'. She went and picked up the results today and of the 4 tests she asked him to take he took 2, one said IgA 133 but didn't say if that was neg. or pos. or give a normal range and the other said it was still pending! So I talked her into calling the Chicago Celiac Center since they aren't that far from her. I hate to see her waste away when there is even a small chance of some relief! Almost everyone in my family has some sort of autoimmune disease, diabetes, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. My brother was just diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Everyone has major food issues! Well, that's the quick summary, I wanted to get that out so I wouldn't feel guilty posting:) One question, does anyone know if the symptoms caused by the brain lesions are possibly reversible? I am hoping that in the near future some of us will have a diagnosis or at least have Celiac eliminated, but this s the very first thing I have ever found or heard of that finally explains everything! Marie
  12. Poor little guy!! I have a daughter the same age! I suspect that I and my older daughter have Celiac but we haven't been tested yet. I decided that since my 1 year old doesn't need wheat there was no reason for me to even introduce it, I'll just challenge her when she gets older or that is the plan anyway. Another thing, I know mine is getting in a set of molars and sometimes they get that nasty rash when teething, so if not Celiac, maybe its just teething? The docs say teething doesnt cause it but mine always get it with new teeth and other people say the same. I hope he feels better soon! Marie
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