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  1. We bought a Gluten-free all purpose baking mix made by Arrowhead Mills. On the back are recipes for biscuits, waffles and banana bread. Is there a way to make pancakes with this? Also, is the baking mix different than gluten-free flours? Sorry if these are dumb questions, and thanks for your response! Heather
  2. And to think I just dropped a chunk of change for a small box of special organic gluten-free cereal
  3. An online friend told me about Fritos corn chips, and I just bought a bag this morning. Ingredients: Whole corn, corn oil, and salt. No preservatives. We're brand new to the Gluten-free Casein-free diet, and today is actually our DS's first day being completely Gluten-free Casein-free. I'm anxious to find a variety of foods that are safe for him to eat... WITHOUT breaking the bank!
  4. Hi! My son (age 3) was diagnosed with autism, and I've been trying to educate myself about gluten and casein-free foods. A problem I have is that my son LOVES his crackers, but the ones in the stores are so expensive. Can you recommend a good cracker recipe I can make at home? He likes the cheesy crackers, graham crackers and Ritz to give you an idea of his tatesbuds. I appreciate any help... This is pretty overwhelming to take in and completely adjust our food lifestyle Thanks! Heather
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