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  1. I have had stomach issues since I can remember and notwI am almost 29 years old and they are getting more severe. I will end up in severe pain and I can't move and It lasts for hours. I have always been lactose intolerant but could still handle eating ice cream, mac and cheese and other dairy and would bascily just end up with gas, not pain. I saw a GI doc when I was pregnant almost two years ago and he did a scope and I think was looking for an ulcer and fould nothing and said I had IBS. I think I do have some of the systoms of Celiac but also lactose intolerence so I am confussed. My husband and I have very basic ins and It is going to cost in the thousands to get all these tests done. I am thinking about going glutin-lactose free without getting a definate answer. I already got special blood work done and am still waiting for the results and tomorrow I am getting CT and next week a lower bowel. I have read that some peolpe never get a exact answer so why spend thousands of dollars for the chance that nothing is fould. Hopefully my husband with get a job after he finishes his school in september so then I can get the EGD done. I basicly am looking for advice. SArah
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