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  1. Thanks for the help, I probably should have read some of the older posts before asking, I found alot more information!
  2. Good evening, I was diagnosed in late October with Celiac. I am feeling so much better on the gluten free diet and have managed to put on about 10 pounds, I no longer look "gaunt"; thank goodness as I was really getting sick of hearing that from everyone I know. In any case, the diet has not been a problem for my husband & I as we have been "whole foods" cooks/eaters for years, never using prepared foods, frozen dinners... I was a beer drinker, pasta about 2x week and so on, never been a real bread fan so I really don't feel like my lifestyle has undergone the huge change alot of others I have been reading about. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask the question so perhaps you can guide me if I'm wrong. Why is aged cheese ok but not others? I do love the soft spreadable cheeses like Brie and Chevre are they ok? Thanks this site has been a real help to me and I look forward to participating!
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