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  1. My husband was diagnosed Tuesday by EGD, but this was only after all titers were crazy high 3 weeks ago. We have noticed different problems over the course of 6 months, but could not put our finger on the real issue. He has elevated liver functions, low calcium, horribly high ANA, very low cholesterol, muscle cramps, increased night time urination (4 -5 times a night), extreme fatigue and now I think depression. His GI thinks he might have autoimmune hepatitis also? I am not sure he can deal with a liver biopsy right now. From what I have read Celiac can cause alot of the same lab results as autoimmune hepatitis. Does someone have guidance on this? I am overwhelmed by what he can and can not ingest that I feel I am no help. I have looked on many sites and even printed out a list of Gluten Free products from Whole Foods. I have no idea what is good and what is not worth spending the money on. I want to help him and have decided that the family would all go Gluten Free at home, but I do not know where to start! He has been as Gluten Free as he can the last couple of days. He feel different now knowing what is wrong, and I think lost like I do. Our children will be tested by titers next week and I think he feels guilty for causing them the pain, although he knows it is better to know now then when they are older. He does not want them to go through what he has. I just need some guidance as I have read so much and still have so many questions! I am on information overload!!!! Thank you in advance for your suggestions / answers.
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