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  1. Hi Everyone! So, I have been having a bunch of different symptoms the last few months - stomach pains after I eat, bad bloating, feeling full for a lot longer than I should, increased thirst. I thought it was perhaps IBS, since I also have pretty bad acid reflux, though that I have had a lot longer. The doctor did a bunch of blood tests and one came back saying I have an anti-gliadin antigen (I think that's what it is called) which is suggestive of celiac. I have read some conflicting things about how definite it is that one has celiac disease when they test positive for this antigen. I am thinking that along with all my symptoms I probably do have it, but what else will they do to confirm? I have a follow up at a GI specialist on Jan. 4. For now I am going to work with the idea that I do have celiac. For the first 24 hours I was feeling okay about it, since I was originally fearing something like stomach or intestinal cancer. But after doing research and reading everything that would be forbidden I started to get depressed. The nail in the coffin was realizing beers (except for gluten free) would be a no-no. Love beers, especially Guinness. I know there could be worse things, but..... Some more questions....I've been having to get up at night almost every night recently to go to the bathroom. Is this common with celiacs who are still having some gluten in their diet? And feeling dehydrated on days when you have gluten though have tons of water? I am sure I have about a million other questions, but that should do for now. Thanks for your help! -Meghan
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