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  1. Thanks for your help all of you. I checked the website and some of the food suggestions will come in handy but I forgot to mention that I'm up here in Canada and we don't have some of those restaurants but I will have to do my own research on foods anyway. Thanks. This website is very helpful. As for the biopsies: do they put children out for that? I just can't even imagine what it's going to be like for Scott. I just worry and of course don't want to see him in pain. Doesn't help that I'm 5 months pregnant and very emotional! lol. Thanks again!
  2. How do I find Nini? Is there a way to do a search?
  3. Hi all. I'm completely new here and this is the first time I've posted anything. I heard about this website and I'm glad to see there's a section for parents of wee ones with celiac or possible celiac. Here's my story: My son Scott just turned 2 this month. He's a happy go lucky little guy. He only weighs 24 lbs and is about 38 inches tall. He's very lean and I call him skinny minny. My family doc sent us to a Ped. to have him monitored b/c his weight doesn't go up much. Just about 2 weeks ago the Ped sent Scott for blood work for Celiac. At this point, I had never heard of such a thing so I was quite worried and still am. The test came back "suggestive" of celiac and my ped. said not to worry, it doesn't mean that he has it. But they are sending Scott to a specialist who will take things from there. I've looked into what the tests involve and of course it worries me even more. Scott is very picky eater and doesn't eat a lot of food for meals. Of course the stuff that he does like I've learned contain gluten. I've heard of this gluten-free diet but have no idea what is involved and where to get more information. I'd like to know what foods contain gluten and what don't. I don't want to start him on a gluten-free diet since he might have to undergo more testing that requires gluten in his body. After reading some of the posts on here, I've seen a lot discussed about poops...that's my concern. His poops are very rarely solid, maybe once every two weeks they are solid. The rest are loose and sometimes greeny-yellow and stinky. He broke out in a rash just over a week ago and the rash was just on his bum and inner thighs. One doc. thought they were chicken pox but my family doc said they weren't but wasn't exactly sure what it was from. He had croup recently but I don't think that causes a rash. So I'm thinking it could be b/c of this celiac stuff. Another post on here talked about a rash that her son developed and it sounds exactly like the one Scott had. Of course I"m worried and don't want Scott to have this. It's a completely different diet and I'm thinking it will be hard for him to adjust since he's so darn picky. Can anyone give me some advice or perhaps some insight into the next step for testing??? I probably shouldn't even read this stuff until I know for sure that it's celiac. It only worries me more. Thanks. Sorry for the novel I've just written.
  4. Rash?

    I'm completely new to this website but just read your post about a rash. My son who is 2 developd a rash that sounds exactly the same, but only it was on his inner thighs and bum. This happened just about 1-2 weeks ago. I took him to the doctors and she said it was chicken pox. I wouldn't believe that it was b/c he had the vaccination for Chicken pox when he was one and there is about a 5% chance that he could get the chicken pox. So i finally got in to see my regular doctor and he said it wasn't chicken pox. We don't know what caused it but my son just had blood work done about 3 weeks ago to test for Celiac and it came back "suggestive" of celiac. So right away I was upset and concerned and confused, not knowing what celiac was. My son has been referred to a hospital to see a specialist but we haven't booked an appointment yet. My Ped. said it's just to rule things out and it may be that he doesn't have celiac. How does a test come back "suggestive" but possibly also mean that he doesn't have celiac? Anyway, I was just really surprised when I read about your son's rash when my son was just getting over something similar. Now i"m just babbling.
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