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  1. Daughter and I both have some popping joints. For me it's mostly the knees and the neck. I did have whiplash many years ago and have had trouble with my neck ever since. Have had knee trouble from age 12. Knees will subloxate or pop in and out. Very painful when that happens. Have had far less...
  2. It's possible to have a rice intolerance. Daughter has intolerances to quinoa and flax. Those aren't her symptoms though. Just tummy troubles.
  3. Some people have reported problems with Bob's Red Mill.
  4. Oh yeah. Can't tell you how many times that has happened! Even had trouble at Olive Garden. Order gluten-free, remind them not to put croutons on the salad and they'll do it anyway. Then offer to pick them off for you! Mm hm. I can't have dairy. So I will order a plain baked potato. Once...
  5. I can't speak for the hard shells at Taco Bell or for the chicken which only some items have. I can speak for the beef and it contains oats. Gluten isn't even an issue for me (was for daughter) but oats are bad for me. I do believe that the beans are safe. Not even sure about the rice. There...
  6. I believe that the Original Pancake House has gluten-free pancakes but they use Pamela's which has almonds in it, so not for us. Plus I can't do dairy or eggs so they seriously have nothing for me there. They may be a local chain. Not sure.
  7. You are coming across as being rude to me. And since you are new... There is no one pat answer that will work for all things. Sometimes an item can be gluten-free but then they change the formulation and it no longer is. Not all things can be answered with "yes" or "no". But in this case they...
  8. Easter dinner will be: Baked beans and tossed salad. Daughter will also have a sweet potato and some chicken
  9. I have gastroparesis too. When mine flares up, I mainly just eat plain white rice with only salt and pepper. Maybe just a touch of olive oil to keep it from sticking to the pan. Maybe some unsweetened applesauce. I am now intolerant to chicken but that used to be an option. So was chicken broth...
  10. Oh how I can relate to this! When I was 15 or 16 I wound up getting anorexia because I refused to eat or even drink anything with calories in it. I was super sick to my stomach from both ends. Simply could not keep anything in me and it hurt so badly to throw up. I vowed to do anything to stop...
  11. I had bean with bacon soup. Made a big pot of it on Monday but starting to get a tad sick of it by now. Still have another serving. Too bad daughter doesn't like it.
  12. AFAIK I have no salt issues but I have been eating Real Salt for years. I do keep some cheap salt for use in cleaning or if I need to gargle with hot salt water. My friend is very salt/sodium sensetive and her feet and ankles will swell if she eats bacon.
  13. I am intolerant to any and all fish. Not sure what my symptoms are though since I only know this by testing. I just gave up all fish then.
  14. I know this is an old post but I too get this sometimes. At one point I thought it was a new shower wash that I had tried. Twice I itched all over from using it. But I had used it one time prior and it was fine. I have since used it and had no problems. So... Maybe it was something my daughter...
  15. What kind of meat is it? Gluten is not an issue for me but oats are and there are oats in their ground beef. We hadn't eaten there for years but during the dress rehearsal for my daughter's dance studio we did try it only because we were starved and it was about the only place open near there...