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  1. I hope your foot heals sooner rather than later Julie.  From what I understand, healing is slow for people if their blood sugar is out of whack/high.  So, hopefully you will get it back to a normal range and keep it there for a while.  I am kind of surprised you are drinking soda.  Sugarfee soda is better than regular soda for diabetics, but it's not a great thing to drink for other reasons.


    This forum has helpful people and info for diabetics.  They have a chat section to get answers to questions also.



    And where did I say that I drank regular soda? I never have. Also don't like diabetes forums, thanks. Been diabetic now for about 14 years so I'm no clueless newbie.

  2. Julie- 


    I have moved this topic from other intolerance to the gab/chat forum as you have repeatedly told us this is not a matter of your food intolerances...simply a need to voice the frustrations caused by your foot injury.


    Take care...I hope you are back on your feet soon.



    I did? No. In fact I said it was a matter of that. If it wasn't then I could just send out for pizza or Chinese or eat convenience foods. Whatever. I feel like people just want to argue with me and that sure as heck isn't making me feel any better.

  3. (1) I am a celiac advocate. I do my best to provide honest, truthful and valid information based on CURRENT research.

    (2) There are no valid tests for gluten intolerance. Check Pub Med. Check Celiac research center info. Check Science-based medicine articles. 

    (3) IgG is NOT the same as IgE-mediated food allergies. They are not the same mechanism in the body. That is just the truth.


    Read this, please, before you continue to believe in testing that has absolutely no validity.




    Or not--it's your call. It's your life. I can't make you see what I am saying. 


    I am not arguing with you either, Julie, but there's no way I am going to let any new member searching for valid info read that "hair analysis is a valid test for gluten intolerance" without speaking up and saying "No, it  isn't. "


    It seems no matter what anyone says to you, we're wrong. 

    Good luck. I do hope your wound heals and you get back on your feet so you can cook once more.

    Best wishes to you. 

    Again, what we have is not celiac. People have to avoid gluten for different reasons. Anyway... Out of this thread now. This unpleasantness is beyond belief! Pretty much everything I have said has been sniped at or questioned. I don't need this!

  4. Julie,

    I am concerned about your wound healing. I am diabetic, a newbie for sure, but I eat to my meter. You mentioned Mexican food. I love it, but I can now only eat the meat and salad fixings. Rice, beans and corn definitely spike my blood sugar level for hours. I urge you to do more research on a very low carb, high fat diet at least until you are healed and your blood sugar is in control. It is not for all diabetics as each person is different, but when faced with a missing limb, I would do it (and doing it now). You can not count on meds or most doctors ( as you have pointed out) to care. Plus, your stomach not emptying is a big problem controlling your blood sugar.

    Please read Blood Sugar 101 and learn to take care of your diabetes! Your family needs you!

    I take it you don't have gastroparesis. Low carb is the last thing you want to eat. Unless you enjoy puking your guts out which is what I did yesterday. DR. Insists that I eat extra protein and does not care that it is making me sick. But when I puke, up come all of my meds.

  5. Julie- 


    I have moved this topic from other intolerance to the gab/chat forum as you have repeatedly told us this is not a matter of your food intolerances...simply a need to voice the frustrations caused by your foot injury.


    Take care...I hope you are back on your feet soon.



    I did? No. In fact I said it was a matter of that. If it wasn't then I could just send out for pizza or Chinese or eat convenience foods. Whatever. I feel like people just want to argue with me and that sure as heck isn't making me feel any better.

  6. Perhaps slam was not descriptive enough....what I meant was dismissive, contrary and without any positive acknowledgement for the time or thought that went into answering you.


    Now imagine how many of the words that you have used might be misconstrued.


    Thank you.

    Sorry. Again, I do not get it. Please point out where I asked for help? I could be wrong but to me, it is not help unless it is specific to what was asked for.

  7. But you are on the Celiac Forum! Not a multiple food intolerance forum. The " other food Intolerance" section is for people with a gluten issue, to use for help with other foods they might have an issue with. Of course it is assumed you or a family member are gluten intolerant in some fashion. People made suggestions to help you because this is a discussion forum. I think the idea of using the blog section is an excellent one.

    However, I feel a bit like you are taunting us with your gluten foods. You know darn well that a gluten-free soft pretzel isn't as good as a gluteny one. And a good frozen one is a lovely convenience food we gluten intolerant folks would love to find. Perhaps you have been playing with us all along - asking for help and negating everything others say?

    I am sorry if you are really ill/ injured and your wound was infected and not healing properly. My understanding is that trouble healing is a part of diabetes and that is rough.

    Edited to fix my atrocious typing but not my even worse grammar ( sorry)

    Yes this is a celiac website and when I first came here, daughter had gluten issues. My mom has wheat issues because of arthritis. This particular category is for other food intolerances which we do have. I do not discuss wheat here, even though I can eat it. I also do not discuss celiac as we do not have it. But I have cooked and baked many wheat and gluten free things. I do think I can be of help there but perhaps when I have my computer. As for the gluten-free pretzels, they are available online, frozen and I see countless recipes.

    I have been posting here for about 9 years and have some friends here. I am not here to upset anyone. I am sorry if people are taking it that way.

  8. " I got rid of most of my cookbooks when I did my last Spring

    Why in the world would someone who loves to cook get rid of most of their cookbooks?!

    Much easier to get recipes online now, if I need them. I'm 54 and have been cooking and baking since I was 8. Can pretty much make any cooked dishes and some baked things with no recipes. Some candies and baked things are exceptions but as a diabetic I no longer do these unless perhaps someone requests me to. I used to do tons of chocolates and baked goods. I mainly only kept books that I found interesting, but realty can't remember the last time I looked at one.

  9. Feel better Julie...there really is nothing I can say that will make you understand that while we are sorry you feel poorly...the long winded complaints that have been posted really do come off as needing advice to make it better -- because we are here to help each other, knowing what you can eat is essential to the way help is usually given on this forum.  It is not fair to all the people that come here with no idea of your history to allow them to answer your posts only to slam them because they don't know what you can eat.


    I do hope you feel better and continue to hope that you can take the feelings of others on this forum into consideration -- just as you are expecting us to understand where you are coming from.


    After eight years on this forum, I would expect that you could at least acknowledge what has been offered -- even if you disagree.

    I am not trying to slam anyone but it does come across as insulting to me when posting in an other food intolerance forum to have someone say... Anyone can eat this! And I just still don't see where I was coming across as wanting advice but maybe I'm just clueless.

  10. I want to add one more thought.  Know your audience.


    With all the foods I have had to eliminate I would never visit a corn or peanut allergy forum for support and then post that I had just eaten really sweet corn on the cob or peanut butter cookies.


    Yes, that is exactly how I felt when you talk about soft pretzels -- some of us miss them and many other items.


    Know your audience.

    You can make gluten-free soft pretzels. I have done so many times. Sorry I do not have a recipe offhand or even the ability to use my computer to get a recipe for you. I only have my IPad. I am not trying to upset anyone here. Nor would I think that anyone here would automatically assume that the pretzel had gluten in it. You can search for a recipe, or when I am better, whenever that is, I will post a recipe.

  11. You can "outgrow" a wheat and gluten intolerance? Retested every 3 years ......with what,  exactly?  Currently, there are no valid tests for gluten intolerance. 

    I'm not going to argue with you. I liked this forum because I found the people to be tolerant here. Unlike the various food allergy forums, people here did not challenge me or tell me that our tests were not valid. Or that there is no such thing as Igg allergies aka intolerances which is what we have. Initially we had blood tests done. They were out of our means to pay for them. My mom paid. She is not in a position to do that now. I resorted to a hair test this last time. Something was still making us sick and we didn't know what. Turned out there were spices and herbs among other things. We changed our diets again and I had to get rid of cosmetics and various toiletries like toothpaste. I have had very little illness since then.

    Note that I am not recommending that people get this test done. It is controversial, but I believe that it worked for us. I will mention the test if people are interested. I am not a Dr. or even a health care person.

    What I do know is that Igg allergies or intolerances can change over time. Some people are able to do the rotation diet. This is what one girl I know of has to do, but it wasn't working for her as she was always sick. She came to me for help. Her mom and I were friends but we didn't see eye to eye on this issue. Because she had two kids and a husband plus herself, all with differing intolerances, she merely tried to keep rotating the foods rather than total avoidance.

    That would not work for us. We do total avoidance. And we have been told when we go outgrow something, if we choose to add it back into the diet, not to eat it too often. Perhaps twice a week and not on consecutive days.

    You may not believe in any if this and that's your right. But I do believe. More and more research is turning up new information on Igg problems and some studies indicate that they are in fact true allergies. But bottom line as our allergist told us,.. If it makes you sick, don't eat it! I know that I have issues with garlic. No testing has turned up a thing with garlic for me. Oh well. Still not gonna eat it. And I'm also not going to debate this stuff or attempt to prove it to anyone.

  12. Wow Julie-


    You have been a member since I got here.  Many times I have seen you post of the items you and your daughter cannot eat due to multiple allergies.  


    While it is tough to live on a restricted diet, there is a big difference between choosing to remove foods at times and a medical need to remove all sources of gluten for life -- as is needed in both Celiac and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance.


    We have offered support and advice based on our experience for years which you regularly dismiss or argue with.


    If you choose to continue to post here, please add your family's current food intolerances to your signature so that members are not wasting their time offering their thoughts based on the premise someone in your family must live completely gluten-free.  After all, I've been here five years and had no idea your list of removed foods has changed....how are any other members to know why you are here for support?


    Thank you.

    Yes I know there is a difference. We do have a medical need. I do not want to list all that we can't eat. There are three of us here, all with different issues. My husband has gout, daughter and I have food intolerances and I also have gastroparesis and diabetes. My list would be a mile long. Would be easier for me to list what I can eat than what I can't. And because our dietary restrictions keep changing, it was a PITA to keep changing my sig, so I just took it out. I also found that when I did have that info. there, some people didn't read it.

    Keep in mind that in no way did I ask for suggestions of foods to eat here. It always baffles me as to why people would assume this. I am just annoyed at the amount of money I have had to spend on food due to this injury when I have a cupboard full of food already. But even if my husband or daughter did cook, neither has the time to cook dried beans. Husband works long hours. Daughter is having to stay late at school to get caught up after missing a week with the flu.

    I am just annoyed at my inability to cook! I have been reading books about food, mainly because that's what I had to read as it is an interest, and watching cooking shows. And when all this started, I had been saving bits of things to make a big pot of vegetable soup. I really wanted that soup! But I had to toss it all because I couldn't get in there yo cook it.

    And yesterday was a very depressing day for me. I went into the Drs. office full of hope. Visiting nurse had told me that the wound was healing well and she thought I'd be given permission to walk in a week. But... No! DR. was very rude and short with me, chastising me, saying that it was healing slowly. Then she did what appeared to be a brutal attack to the wound using the wooden end of a cotton swab and some metal implements. She ripped it all open until it bled profusely, put salt water in it, redressed it and sent me on my way. She got nasty with me when I said that I had been trying to eat increased protein like she said but now my stomach was in pain 24/7 and I had thrown up my breakfast. My stomach can handle only so much food. My SIL came in with me and was horrified at how the Dr. Treated me, so it was not just my perception.

    So... Now... All the healing that had taken place has been ruined. Dr. Wanted to totally cut the wound back open and stitch it back up. I was like... Why? No! I will speak to the nurse about this when she comes. I just want to cry now. Have been on this couch or in bed entirely for over a month now. Life is passing me by, I see no one unless the happen to come here. I did not even know that things were blooming outside. Sorry, I really am just venting here. And wishing I could have some good Mexican food. I will have an Amy's burrito for dinner. They're okay. I guess I should be grateful as we do have food. I just still wish I could cook. I love to cook!

  13. So..... No one at your house needs to be gluten-free? So much for the soft pretzels.... :(

    You have been hanging around this site for a long time, so I know you know this, but, Ok.., NCGI. - non- celiac gluten intoerant.

    I actually did not know that. I have made many batches of gluten-free soft pretzels in the past. Sorry I don't have a recipe for you offhand. I got rid of most of my cookbooks when I did my last Spring cleaning. Daughter was on South Beach diet then. She went off of it but Dr. Wants her back on it. She is refusing so I can see problems. Ah, teenagers!

  14. Because they are gluten-free? What brand makes a good gluten-free soft pretzel? That would be great info!

    These actually were not as currently daughter has outgrown the gluten and wheat intolerances. We have to be retested every three years. Sadly, when I outgrow something, it comes back to bite me. Dairy was one such. DR. Warned me not to eat it ever, but I was jealous because daughter could eat it with no problems. And I was fine for awhile but then started getting sick again. A retest showed what I was trying to be in denial of. Daughter can still eat dairy with no problems.

    As go gluten-free soft pretzels, I used to make them myself. Also made bagels and all sorts of other things. Since daughter was usually the only one who ate this stuff, I would freeze the extra. I won't say they were in any way like the wheat ones. I have only run across two recipes that I could call close. One is for zucchini bread and is on this website in the recipe section. The other makes a single bun in a bowl in the microwave. I have posted it here in the past. Also most brownies are enough similar that people can't tell the difference.

    She does have one friend with celiac and in the past was friends with two girls with gluten issues. One shared my daughter's same problem. Not sure what was up with the other girl. Mother said she was supposed to eat gluten-free but never got around to giving her a gluten-free diet. The girl was very small and mentally and socially so much behind her peers that she was held back from going into Jr. High. I really can't comment as I don't know the whole story. I had little in common with her mom. I was friends with the other mom. She and I made the school treats for the kids with food issues for a few years when the kids were in elementary school. She was one of the few I could trust. Her husband couldn't have gluten or other thins either. So she got it!

  15. Last night she had a salad, apple slices, cheese, and a soft pretzel for dinner.

    Or wet pieces of onion bread turning chewy and delicious in the dehydrator.



    :o Julie,

    I just have to ask ....is anyone in your family a celiac or NCGI? if so, why are you guys eating these foods?

    I do not understand. I never "met" a soft gluten-free pretzel. :)

    Nope. No one is celiac Never said they were. I originally came here when daughter was diagnosed with wheat and gluten intolerances. BTW, the onion bread is gluten-free. Contains onions, flaxseed and original recipe called for Nama Shoyu which probably isn't gluten-free but I left it out and just added sea salt. Everyone who tried it thought it was a grain bread. It's that good!

    Sorry, don't know what NCGI is.

  16. Bought soy cheese for daughter to make her some pizza. She doesn't normally like pizza but she did like some expensive soy cheese stuff from Whole Foods. I figured I could make it for less money. But she never ate it.

    So I figured I would. Had daughter use it in my food twice. It was pretty good so I ordered more. Then went to make some quick nachos for myself. Yeah, I shouldn't be up but daughter has tons of things she must do tonight.

    Anyway... Ingredients showed dairy! Gah! I really did know better. Would explain the big D that I had. Why would they put dairy in soy cheese? Some rice cheese has it too. Makes no sense. If I could eat dairy, I'd eat real cheese!

  17. I don't think I wrote that in a clear manner and feel misunderstood. I'm really speaking from my experience. My attention span was not up to par. I didn't receive the benefits of learning the basics of cooking and now need them (without having much energy). My mom did all of it. I'm about to lose her and wish I had the experience of cooking with her. She was a great cook and is a loving mother.

    Well... My mom hated to cook. When she did make things, she used packets and cans. Mostly we went out to eat. I pretty much taught myself to cook. My mom did send my friend and I for lessons at age 12 but we hated them and refused to go after the second one. The teacher was a former school dietician and the recipes she taught us were from the hideous school lunches that we already hated. Examples are peach crisp (we already could make crisp with no recipe and I despise peaches), BBQ beef and buns to eat it on. That beef was probably the most hated thing that the school served. We both protested and said that our families wouldn't eat it. And they wouldn't! We threw out many pounds of that horrid beef and put dozens of buns in the freezer. My family did not eat much in the way of bread/buns.

    My friend and I desired to learn how to make exotic, foreign, and complicated foods. Prior to age 12, I was baking pretty much everything from scratch. I made ice cream with no ice cream maker. Made my own corn tortillas with no special equipment. Cooking comes easy to me.

    But my mom? Dad? Husband? Brother, SIL, daughter and many of my friends? Cooking is not easy for them. It is a chore and one that they do not want to do.

    I do make sure that my daughter knows the basics. Like how to peel and cut things. We bought this house when she was 6. That year and the next she insisted on doing all of the fruit prep for applesauce and canned pears. Yes, she was slow at it and messy. I did the cooking part. She also loves to make salad. Me? Hate making salad. Yes it is necessary to do. But I find it to be boring. I love the science of cooking. Watching things caramel use, reduce down or just come together. I also enjoyed some aspects of the raw vegan diet. Like watching sprouts sprout. Or wet pieces of onion bread turning chewy and delicious in the dehydrator.

    All of this stuff is wasted on my daughter and the others. They just want to eat! My daughter knows what a balanced diet is and knows how to get it. Even though what she often eats might not satisfy other people. Last night she had a salad, apple slices, cheese, and a soft pretzel for dinner. Pretzel was in the freezer. She often makes smoothies for breakfast. She lives raw veggies and hates most cooked ones.

    I believe we are better off to concentrate on the things we love to do. I love cooking and spend most of my time thinking about it. My mom loves video games and that's her thing. I do play video games but they would never be a priority for me.

  18. Julie,

    My parents sheltered me (and not my siblings) and I suspect it's subconsciously because of my vulnerability. It's always been difficult for me to handle too many steps. The longer I'm off of gluten, the more this changes. It's really been a catch 22. If my parents had been more strict and my difficulties more apparent, maybe I would have been diagnosed back then and I wouldn't have to try to learn how to cook while I'm sick. If you think it's hard for her now... College was extremely stressful because I'd never even done a load of wash. I was sick a lot there and the stress of not knowing how to care for myself took a big toll.

    If your daughter doesn't have the interest, she DOES have the need to learn how to nourish herself. If it's a matter of being cognitively challenged, this is how you'll flush it out. By enlisting her help and supervising, you are doing her a favor. Take it from someone who knows. Share this task with her and do both of you a favor.

    I hope you feel better soon. It's hard to ask for help when you're unwell but it's necessary (I need to read that everyday).

    Take care,


    She eats just fine. As one who was a raw vegan for a couple of years, and having made several cross country moves, leaving me homeless for a time... I know that cooking is not necessary. I just happen to like doing it! And right now, I can't. When I am not cooking, I am reading about food. So I am doing that now an collecting recipes.

  19. Julie, I was not trying to trash your family, but when you said they won't cook, and especially when you told us they wouldn't even get the things on your grocery list when you sent them to the store, it sounded to me like you were letting them walk on you. You're one of "us", and I hate it when one of "us" is undergoing unneccesary hardships because their family won't help.


    I'm sorry if I offended you by defending you. And I sure hope your foot gets better ahead of schedule (It happens sometimes), so you can start getting around again.

    It's not that they wouldn't. They seemingly just can't. Both are very shy and won't ask for help at the store. Husband has issues, one of which is ADHD. I do not like to shop with him. He creates so many distractions, it is difficult for anyone to get what is on the list with him around. Can't tell you how many times I got home to find that I had failed to get 2-3 items on my list because he had created a distraction as I was trying to pick something up. But... Twice I asked for a large box of cornflakes. And twice I got a small box of Frosted Flakes. They both claimed they did not know what Cornflakes were. And this could be since cereal is not something I normally buy. I just figured it would mean les walking for me. Can keep the box and disposable bowls and spoon by me. But I have since found an online source for my bread so I am back to eating toast most days. It's better for my blood sugar and I really don't like cereal.

    I have worked out a deal to get soda pop, which I drink a lot of and was costing me the most to have delivered. My bro or his son could pass this way on the way home from work and can buy some and bring it to me. This will work so long as I have cash to pay them. I finally pitched a fit with husband and insisted that he give me some cash as I have no way to get to the ATM.

    The Dr did give me some hope on Mon. She said the incision is healing nicely. Now I just have to keep up eating the extra protein. That's the hard part for me. Don't like protein food much, and eating too much protein upsets my stomach. I do love beans but one can only eat so many of those or... We'll... I'm sure you could guess what happens!

  20. I have neurological problems but from diabetes. But... Some of my food intolerances are weird ones. Mint for example. Makes my teeth sensitive and gives me stomach pains. Cloves and oats make me itchy. Dairy causes big D and if I continue to eat it, sinus and ear infections. But eggs? They rip me up so much inside, coupled with big D that I wish I were dead! If I were you I would get tested for food allergies and intolerances. Can be tough to find someone to do the testing though. You might also run your food intake through something like the Cron-O-Meter. And look at you supplements. I was lacking in some things but taking far too much of some B vitamins, making the neuropathy worse.

  21. let's  get  these  two  together  to live  with  each other......they  can  fight  &  argue  with  each other & leave us alone.... funny  in  our  local  newspaper  tonight   the  horoscope  for me  read:  that  I may  have  to move  away to get  away  from  a  brutal crazy  person  who  will not  leave  me  alone!!!!!  that  has  crossed  my  mind.....

    Heh! My horoscope the other day said I wouldn't get along with my spouse! But my cranky person will not live with others. We need to get her into assisted living. That's not going so well.

  22. I guess these are the things you said in your first post that made people think your family is "capable" but unwilling to help.

    Fear the stove/ oven? they fear it? really?? 


    Don't blame readers for misunderstanding what you said....it seems as if you are complaining about lack of help or support.


    We rallied around you and gave you some ideas for easy meals that could help you make...and you shot down every one of them.


    What more can be said except...I hope you heal up fast because obviously, they are lost without you. 


    Best wishes. 


    I honestly think we're done here since you only wanted to vent and now, you have. (And yes, some of us really do have the ability to decide when a thread has run its course.)

    Yes, you gave ideas, but not for things I can eat. But thanks!