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  1. Hello all.. It's been almost a week since I did my personal gluten test (eating pizza), and my stomach still doesn't feel 100%. Any clue how long it takes to feel better after being "glutened"? Thanks, Sal
  2. So what do I do? Let my body get used to it, or get off gluten again (for good)? Do these symptoms I'm getting now PROVE a gluten sensitivity?
  3. Day 2 of being back on gluten. In pain, and having cramps and "D". I NEVER had these problems before going off gluten. What did I do to myself?
  4. It was just one cheat meal.. but it was good! lol It was amazing especially because I've been gluten-free and dairy-free.. I killed two birds with one stone on that meal.. hehe.. But although I'll be back on gluten, training starts again in the new year and no more pizza's for me... I've actually recently started wearing that type of material. I'll definitely agree that sweat is aggravating it.. I haven't taken any meds for a long time, so I didn't have to worry about that. I haven't had a DH (Dermatitis herpetiformis ??) test done, but after reading the symptoms it didn't really seem to apply to me. Thanks for your input Katie, much appreciated
  5. really?? Ok, let me get this straight.. is a gluten-free diet healthier for everybody in general? Or just people with possible sensitivity to it? I have to admit I was feeling a little down today, which I heard was a possible side effect.. I'm gonna give it time and see how I feel. I'm starting to regret going off gluten. Thank you for your input again!
  6. Hey Linds... well, it's the day after.. my stomach is kind of hurting a little but I think it's just from overdoing it a bit, haha. Also, to be fair, I never actually had digestive problems.. my gluten free diet was an attempt to rid myself of my acne. The funny thing is that my face is completely clear and looks very healthy. This 'back acne' problem is obviously a much bigger problem for me in the summer. Anyway, because of the holiday I'm not in my usual work/training routine so I'm guessing it will take a couple weeks until I'll know if there is a difference or not. I will definitely keep you posted. By the way, my email is salibaq@gmail.com. Sal
  7. Hi portgirl, Actually I've been dairy free also but it hasn't helped. Maybe because I'm a guy I don't have these hormone problems??
  8. Maybe I'll try that then. I've started back on gluten. I enjoyed a big pizza today and I guess I'm just waiting to see now how/if I react in any way.
  9. Merry Christmas!! You're right, I actually haven't been eating those, but I will keep an eye on that ingredient in the foods I eat. I think it's actually pretty amazing that you've been able to narrow down your source of acne to a single ingredient. Is there a process you went through to find that out? I'd love to be able to pinpoint my troubles.
  10. Hi linds, are you having the same problem as I am? After reading all the comments I've decided that I AM going to reintroduce gluten into my diet. I'm basically going to dive right in with rolled oats and maybe pizza (I'm getting excited just thinking about it). I'll keep monitoring my energy level and acne and see how it goes.
  11. That is exactly what I'm thinking! The biofeedback test straps these bands around your head and wrist and this machine apparently reads your energy. I've never actually gotten a blood test done.
  12. Honestly, no. I've read many symptoms people have on this forum and on websites, and I exhibit none of them. Some of the foods I'm apparently 'sensitive' to are (other than the gluten containing ones): Black Pepper Bananas Strawberry's Soy It's really hard cutting soy out of your diet, it's in almost everything. And after a quick check now, I've realized that soy protein is in all my Burt's Bees products. AND I just noticed oat flour in my facial cleanser. Could this at all be affecting my back acne? On top of all this, I'm starting to think that the sweating from my gym workouts is aggravating the acne at least. So much to consider.......... Thanks for your help! Sal
  13. Wow! Sugar free huh? So other than obvious sugars, does that also mean excluding fruit and, say, rice and potatoes since they eventually get converted into sugar? I hit the gym 4-5 times a week, and after a workout, a simple sugar (fast digesting carb) is needed to recover from the workout. So it will definitely be hard for me. Thank you for your input, and congrats to your sister on the beautiful skin! Merry Christmas ALL! Sal
  14. Hi tarnalberry, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I cut out all gluten containing foods and switched to all natural sources for skin products (I use all Burt's Bees now). I should also mention that I've been dairy free too. If I do reintroduce gluten containing foods to my diet, should I start slow? Will I be more sensitive now that I've been off them for a while? I've read the book "Dangerous Grains" and it doesn't really address these kinds of issues. (Great book though). On a side note, other than antibiotics, nothing has worked for my back acne. If anyone has any suggestions regarding that also, I'd be very grateful. Thanks again! Sal
  15. Hello All, I've been to this forum many times, however, this is my first post. Quick intro - I'm 26, male, and have suffered from back acne since about 13 years old. In late October (this year) I went and saw a naturopathic doctor regarding the acne on my back and some general fatigue. I eat very healthy and exercise daily. I did a "Quantum BioFeedback Test" and it revealed some food sensitives as well as gluten sensitivity. I've now been strict gluten-free for almost 3 months and although the acne hasn't gotten worse, it hasn't gotten any better. My overall well being feels the same also. Now the big question, do I continue to deprive myself of the delicious pizza's and cookies, or continue this gluten-free diet longer? I'd love any comments or suggestions you guys have. Thanks a lot! Sal
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