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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I'v Gained More Weight

    I have been thin all my life, and since going gluten free I have put on ten pounds. But that has been where I have been stuck at. I am also an extremely active person, I walk a lot and am on my feet anywhere from 5 to 10 hours a day. I need to put on about 15 more pounds. I am still battling my way up the weight chart. Richard
  2. I am sorry and I hope everything continues to get better. Being a farily new celiac, I still have my bouts with anxiety. I know your situation is a little different, but I still have some ability to relate. Stay confident and strong... Richard Wilmington, NC
  3. Medications, Otcs

    Thanks for the info...i have had some mild lingering celiac symptoms, and the tylenol was the only thing I could put my finger on. So, i am definitely changing it up, especially until I find more info. Richard NC
  4. I have been taking Tylenol Allergy and Sinus NIGHTIME for a while. I have looked on every site to try to locate it to see if it is gluten free. I keep getting the tylenol allerygy and sinus as being gluten free, but I am not sure if this is suppose to include the night time as well. Lets hope so!! Any info will be appreciated. Richard NC
  5. DO you know of any brands name of the top of your head? I am fairly new to gluten-free lifestyle and I have the problems with the fresh fruit as well. What enzymes are you taking? I have been trying to find one by biogest, but none of the specialty stores have it. Thanks for the reply. Richard
  6. I personally am borderline and like others I make sure I keep enough protein in my diet. My mother, however, has had for a long time. She would fall down at least once every couple of days. Richard
  7. I am wondering about apple juice in particular. I just cannot seem to cope with it. I love the taste of it, always have, but it does absolutely nothing for stomach. I am wondering if anyone else has had issues with it has well. Richard Wilmington, NC
  8. I have had several bouts with sores, and I have found some things out that may or may not help. I started using an inhaler, just an otc menthol one. Simply because it helps in destroying bacteria where it starts, in the back throat. It really helped with the pain aspect, I am not 100% sure why, but it did. If you already have not, make sure all oral ingredients are gluten-free. I use Toms, which seems to available in any grocery store. Good Luck. Richard
  9. Celebrities With Celiac?

    I think that celiacs, though not communicable, may still make others feel uncomfortable. I personally see your point, but I can deifinitely see why others, celebs included, would not want the world to know. People, mostly due to ignorance, act strangely to what they do not know. That can attract unwanted attention. But I do believe as well that all caliacs must fight for us to get our messages across. Richard Wilmington, NC
  10. To the 26 year old Man, I understand your blues. I am 25 and foud out last year that I have celiac disease. There is really something to be said to feel like you are in the prime of your life, then to find out this. The parties, the social gatherings, St. Patty's day was a rough one for me too. Usually, I would have been heading down to the local brewery to get my hands on some green ale. I have generally not enjoyed the holidays at all. I removed myself last year from them because I did not want to spoil them with my "problem." As I time passes on, I am really serious about the whole idea of if you want me, then you need to accept my celiac. Good luck and remember we are all battling the blues with you. Richard
  11. I too have had a numerous amount of therapy, elecrto, ultra, taken celebrex, you name it. I think that it is really important to pay attention while in therapy and to ask about ways to help yourself. I was on a four to five time a week basis, and some improvement came. Unfortunately, therapy can cost alot. So I would start out with it, but definitely keep researching and ask about home remedies and what doctors reccomend you do on your own. With joint problems, they will not go away no matter how much adjusting. They eventually will suggest surgery. Definitely keep an open mind. Richard
  12. Kissin & Stuff

    I am wondering about girls and the lip gloss, lip stick thing. Which contain gluten and how could they affect me, if at all? The next thing is that girls secrete all over a man genital area, so would that be harmful in the same way semen could be? Richard
  13. Leaving

    To all, I too see both sides of the situation. I cannot see getting angry about it all. Before I found I was a celiac, my mother suffered for three years until they finally diagnosed her. She went to 3 or 4 different gastros along with other specialists that concluded that most of what she was going through was in her head. When I had my first major celiac attack, prior to being tested, I went straight to the emergency room. And, if you guessed, a misdiagnosis. I blamed the doctor at first, but I looked at it and decided who I really was angry with, the American healthcare system. Doctors are just like cashiers that can sometimes miscount their monies at the end of a shift. Definitely, more serious, but human error is and will always be. So their knowledge is not going to be all and knowing. To the doctor that replied, how dare you critique the info on the site. Eveyone knows that all info received should be looked at objectively. Especially every celiac, that vary as much in age, race, and symptoms. Quite frankly, combining all our info together, most of it can be quite helpful. How can you defend in one breath doctors have not advanced enough in celiac info, and then turn around and say you are shocked by some of the advice given on this site? I think that this is great because of its support, support that cannot be given by doctors due to the health system that employs them. ~No negativity, lets remember it is about support. gluten-free since July 03 Richard
  14. I have to chime in on this one as well. Mine lasted for 2-3 months. Talk about embarrasing. Sitting down was such an issue. I really looked closely at my diet to see what I was eating. Mine started when I was began taking a vitamin that ended up not being gluten free. I cannot even say mine is completely 100% gone, sometimes, especially after walking a lot, I get a reminder. -richard
  15. GF Drinks

    One thing that is bothering is the drinking aspect. Sometimes I need something that will quench my thirst, something obviously from pre-celiac days. I appreciate everyones input on the soy, but what is everyone drinking...like juices, pop or soda, to safe forms of alcohol i.e. liquors, mixed drinks and so on. Has gatorade given anyone trouble? I have look at list like the ones posted in the gluten free kitchen, but as you all know experience is the best teacher. All info will be accepted and appreciated. -Richard