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  1. The one that I use is called Tofutti Brand Sour Cream - I get it at the health food store. It is dairy free and gluten free, however, it is made with soy. It is much thicker than regular sour cream, I mix in a little apple cider vinegar in with it, and it tastes more like sour cream. It has a much stronger flavor than regular sour cream, I don't often put it on baked potaotes, but if you mixed it with some spices it would be alright for tacos or other dishes, I usually mix it in with things. Daisy Duke
  2. We so much enjoyed reading this Friday afternoon. We laughed so hard, especially the gal I work with, I thought she was gonna fall out of her chair. Thanks for sharing some funnies!! We especially liked the Escapee and the Turd Burglar! Daisy Duke
  3. Darn it, I can't remember the name of it right now. Tonight I will go home and take a look at it. It's got a funky name - Something like Tootie something or other, I will look and get back to you.
  4. The ribs never touch the grill, they are cooked in crock pots, as far as I know, and no sauce hits them until they are ordered. I always order them with no sauce. My bbq is kept in the bottle, I am the only one that ever pours it out. They don't serve croutons on the salads, so I know I don't have to worry about that. I just wonder what they do to the ribs, before they hit the crock pot or if they are soaked in something to keep them moist. I hope to go in this week and ask some questions. Thanks for your response. Daisy Duke
  5. Yes, I take Milk of Magnesia, and Kaeopectate is also gluten free. Check out www.glutenfreedrugs.com This has a very helpful list.
  6. I ate out Friday night at the restuarant that I normally eat at. I ordered the ribs. I had my own bbq sause, I had my own salad dressing and i had my own butter. They let me keep these things right there so I don't have to bring them every time. I also drank ice tea, which I normally don't drink. Anyway, about twelve hours later I started getting an upset stomach. Over a period of the next 12-24 hours I had the dry heaves, I had vomit burps, I had like 5 bowel movements (but no diarrhea - some loose stools). I pretty much sleep the whole day Sunday. That evening I ate some chicken and rice and I felt really good. Now this morning I ate some cream of rice cereal, and I am all burpy again. Truthfully I think getting hit by a truck would have felt better than what I went through. Does this sound like a glutening? I'm gonna go to the restaurant this week and read their tea ingredients and find out exactly what they do with the ribs, do they soak them in broth or shake them with four and spices? I've eaten them before and have never had the reaction I had to these. For the reaction I had it must have been either gluten or an allergy, I was so sick. Daisy Duke
  7. My doctor prescribed a birth control med, and when I went to the pharmacy to get it, they informed me it had lactose in it. I didn't want to take them as I am casian/dairy intolerant. I asked her if all of them do, and she said she would have to do a lot of research to find one that doesn't use lactose as a filler. She then informed me that another of my scripts has lactose in it also, and that has never bothered me, so I am going to start taking these. I just wanted to let others now, in case they are not feeling well and don't know the problem. This could be a reason for an upset stomach system if you are really intolerant of dairy. Daisy Duke
  8. Red Bridge beer is carried by our local Super WalMart
  9. I've gained ten pounds in the last 6 months. I constantly crave sugar, I want treats everyday, I tried to set aside one day a week and have a small bowl of ice cream or a couple cookies. I want more, and when I run out of my cookies and rice dream ice cream I want even more of it. Is there anything you can suggest to curb these cravings? I would like to get to a point where I have one or two treats a week, but my will power is just rotten right not. Thanks for reading. Daisy Duke
  10. I see this guy all the time on TV talking about his weight loss cure that is known all around the world. Do any of you know what this is, I am interested but too cheap to buy the book until I know more about it. He states that all "diets" are created to fail, that once you stop a diet, you gain back more than you loss. Anyway, if anyone has read this book, can you give me just a bite of what it is about!? Thanks Daisy Duke
  11. I used to pray just here and there, mainly when I needed something, and I used to be pretty greedy, wanting very material things. I was so sick that I was meeting my needs with material goods. Now that I have found out I am gluten and dairy intolerant (self-diagnosed) and I feel so much better, I seem to pray more often, and not for myself, but for others. So often times you will find me taking a walk and thinking about friends and family and others and I often pray for them. I know i pray alot for the members on this board, basically just for their intentions, so that they may feel better, and I also says prays of thanksgiving more often now than I used to. Prayer is a wonderful stress reliever. And just like you have all mentioned above, a person doesn't have to believe in God to be prayerful. I find that in stressful situations, a short prayer often times makes it a little easier to take. And then there are days where 200 prayers doesn't seem to help! I am so thankful I found this board, I have learned so much, I don't often participate in the discussions, but I look at the board several times a week and catch up on all the news. Daisy Duke
  12. Do you ever watch the food network channel? I think some days I am addicted to it, although my husband likes it too. We watch Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals and I bet I have copied two or three dozen recipes in the last couple months. She uses a lot of spices and many things have cheese in them I cut back on the spices and since I am dairy free do not make any of the cheesy things. I also watch Semi-Homemade. I can't make very many of these things the way she does, she uses a lot of store bought junk in her recipes, but sometimes I get an idea for something new and different. Emeril is also good, he had some really good recipes for Super Bowl. The best thing about the food network channel, is 95% of it is from homemade ingredients, so we, as celiacs, just need to use gluten free items of the same ingredients. I have had lots of success with these recipes. Daisy Duke
  13. I use ground turkey for any recipe that calls for ground beef or ground chicken. I use it for almost anything from meatloaf to chili. It has a milder flavor, so you may want to add a touch more spices, but my husband doesn't even know I exchange beef for turkey! Some day I will tell him, I don't do it for everything, but we are trying to cut back on fats in our diet, and that is a good way to do it. Daisy Duke
  14. Go to www.glutenfreeflour.com and this is Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Products. This flour is just amazing, I am on my second bag already. I made the best waffles last weekend, and I don't get all bloated up like I do with other flour mixes. I've made waffles, cookies, and I use it as a thickener in my gravies and sauces, it doesn't have any funky aftertaste either. I highly recommend it. Daisy Duke
  15. Thank You Viola and Ursa Major - I think I got it in there! And thanks for the advice, I know I am ot stupid, it's just some days things don't come that easy for me. Thank you. Daisy Duke
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