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  1. A correction, and more information - We had P.J. tested 2 years ago, not 3. His ttg was 4, with anything greater than 15 being suspect. So less than 2 years later, he went from 4 to 153 (w/anything greater than 10 being suspect). Cam's Mom - P.J. has complained lately of stomachaches, but it's tough to know whether it's a celiac thing or a high blood sugar thing. He's always had BMs that haven't seemed quite right to me. Momma Goose - No one has denied me coverage since diagnosis. I was covered at my previous job during diagnosis and have since moved. I am now covered under my husband's work policy, and no one's said a thing. I've also gotten a great rate on term life insurance. Celiac didn't seem to be a consideration there. Maybe I've just been lucky, I don't know. ~~~ After a lot of deliberation, we decided to have the biopsy done. For me, the overriding concern was not wanting to do a gluten challenge down the road if, for whatever reason, he'd need to get the biopsy. I know how awful it is for me on the rare occasion that gluten finds it's way in. And my brother went through a 6-week challenge and was completely miserable by the 4th week. For my husband, it was to get a baseline for the damage. So, still with some doubts, we're on for Tuesday.
  2. We have our 4-year-old scheduled for a biopsy soon. We're told that it involves general anesthesia but that it is a very quick procedure. They're supposed to be up and running around again very quickly. When I had my biopsy, I was given a valium-related drug and didn't have a care in the world. After the procedure, my future husband and I went home and slept for hours (him because we had to be at the hospital so early). I remember no pain at all. Good luck with everything.
  3. My 4-year-old son was diagnosed almost 2 weeks ago with type 1 diabetes. We knew they were going to do blood tests, so we wanted to make sure that they tested for celiac disease because I have it, as does one of my two diabetic brothers. His ttg came back Friday at 153 (with anything greater than 10 as positive). We had him tested almost 3 years ago at his 2-year checkup and the test came back within normal range. He started life in the upper percentiles and has gradually come down to the middle of the pack. Most of his classmates are at least half a head taller. So my husband and I wonder, given the accuracy of the ttg (better than 90%), the family history and his shorter stature do we really need to put him through the biopsy as the doctor recommends? We appreciate any thoughts and advice. Thanks. Katie
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