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  1. Hi there. I'm so glad I found this forum and I have a few questions if you dont mind I have dealt with IBS and some undiagnosed autoimmune issues for some time now. I've had autoimmune stuff since I was little but when I turned 18, I began to have IBS symptoms as well as depression. I asked the dr. to run a celiac test a few months back and it came back normal but I'm not convinced. Is it possible to have a gluten intolerance but not have it show up in a blood test? I'm really thinking of going gluten free (i've been doing a lot of research). I CRAVE bread products constantly and tend to have a dairy intolerance and an oat intolerance but I dont notice huge problems after eating say a cracker or piece of bread. Is it worth it to go gluten free for a while and see how I feel? Is it truly possible to have gluten problems regardless of what blood tests say? Thanks so much for any help. I'm just at the end of my rope right now I also had my gallbladder out last year and since then have developed a fatty liver and borderline pre diabetes along with "liver sontes" it's just getting out of control and the dr's dont know what to do anymore TIA Judy
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