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  1. suszyQ

    Time To Start Scd?

    This sounds exactly like me. I've been gluten free for 4 years and I'm almost positive that this is not a gluten reaction...
  2. Can anyone confirm Crisco corn oil is gluten free. I know regular and canola oils are. Thanks!
  3. Anyone ever have problems with Prairie Farms products, specifically their whipping cream? I've been having terrible...
  4. Got an updated gluten-free food list from Knouse Foods/Musselmans and thought I would share it. January 14, 2009 ...
  5. suszyQ

    Anyone Know About Fmla?

    I need some help from those of you using FMLA to protect your absences at work due to celiac. For the past 7 months...
  6. suszyQ

    Eye Drops

    I bought some Bausch & Lamb eye drops (environmental) for dry eyes. When I contacted them to see if they're gluten...
  7. suszyQ

    Coping With Anemia From Celiac

    Anemia is what caused me to find out that I had celiac. I was taking iron pills, but since I had no villi, they weren...