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  1. Her claim to cure coeliac disease was poor wording, I believe it explains early on in the book that where people have been given a symptomatic diagnosis of coeliac (I am one of them), symptomatic diagnosis is one that is based on symptoms, not hard test results. People who actually have general carb intolerance (read viscous cycle) who have since cut out a large proportion of grains believing themselves to be coeliac and shown improvement, but not complete cure are what she refers too when she claims to cure coeliac disease.
  2. This'll make you laugh, Carrot poisoning! I've been having pretty much nothing but carrot soup, and its catching up with me big time what other meals are you guys having to begin with? see all I can really think of is the carrot soup, as yoghurt doesn't agree with me. I think I may have to jump ahead with the diet and hope for the best
  3. Are you not losing a lot of weight on this diet? Weight loss is much like an old set of scales, either stable and evenly balanced, tilted downwards, or upwards- the slightest change giving an overal lose or gain, however small. Eating one extra biscuit above or below your bodies required intake will cause you to lose (assuming you have it to lose), or put on a large amount over long periods time. I wouldn't aim for rapid weight loss through diet, as its not healthy, moreover a slow and gradual decrease that eating a healthy diet will give. That reminds me, look out for your urine turning dark whilst on this diet, as that means you've strayed too far into the aktins style no carb diet. all this knowledge yet i'm still ill! this diet seems promising though
  4. Breakfast is a challange thats too easy for me, mainly because i'll happily eat anything aslong as it'll keep me going. so for breakfast I have the carrot soup that I eat for all three meals of the day! though I may steam some carrots, puree them and eat them in the same way as yoghurt, carrots have a sweetness to them that should work ok for breakfast. I'll simply have fruit for breakfast when I introduce it, baked apples are good example you could try, though I'm not going to as they tend to be too acidic for my poor teeth, so I'll more than likely have a fruit smoothie. I have experienced that heartbeat thing, came to the conclusion is was throbbing from the extra blood that my gut needed. So perhaps yours will go away with this diet. interestingly enough my sleep is improving with this diet, but that could also be because its making me feel quite tired!
  5. well after today I know its a big no to diary yoghurt, I may tolerate it better after some time but its not worth it!
  6. I'm not sure whether to keep trying with the yoghurt in the hope of tolerating it better when I get used to it, but I worry that my symptoms with it may disappear, though it still does me harm.
  7. I'm not sure wheather to keep trying with the yoghurt in the hope of tolerating it better when I get used to it, but I worry that my symptoms with it may disappear, though it still does me harm.
  8. Your reactions are perfectly normal, its caused by the 'die off' reaction of the bacteria living in your gut. When they die off they give off all their toxins in one go so it does worsen symptoms. When I started the diet I had D but it cleared up fairly quickly, well actually I had to go out at short notice, took lots of immodium and spent the rest of the week mildly bunged up! As for backache I seem to get it generally, though specially when my guts are having trouble, I believe its the swollen bowels pressuring the spine (ooo that sounds fun!) Well the dairy yoghurt really hasn't agreed with me! so either I'm not good with cows milk, or its the probiotic action of it thats upsetting me. I did seem to tolerate it better in the form of baked cheesecake. Its annoying as I seem to tolerate everything well, as I had a week of SSC legal fun, to break the diet in a bit softer I had lots of high calorie foods from the diet pages before easing into the strict starting diet and found that few foods really bothered me. But now i've got the yoghurt flowing i'm not feeling too sharp! How easy is goats milk to obtain? i'm using uht diary milk at the moment as it doesn't require heating before its mixed with the commercial yogurt. Thats another thing, commercial goats yoghurt? I shall have to have look out for these.
  9. Yes I'm from the uk too! so you say that tesco's own brand multi is ssc safe? (well safe enough without having to hound the manufacturer!) My yoghurt turned out good, didn't actually have much of it as it all went into a savory cheesecake, which was good though the success was lessened because either a small amount of diary yogurt, or the grape juice upset my stomach. I've never had a real problem with diary bar the temporary intolerance that coeliac disease caused. though I am aware that diary is general bad news. I've also read a short piece from the coeliac doctor stating that the body will have an easier time digesting the fruit rather than a commercial fruit juice so I think I shall leave fruit juices for teh foreseeable future. Thats an interesting experience you've had with soy there, 22222, I find it odd that you've been diagnosed with coeliacs but are able to tolerate gluten without soy. I suspect that you might have not been properly diagnosed and that your symptoms were simply soy intolerance? though you'd have to discuss that with your doctor. Personally I wouldn't go back to a normal diet even if I could, gluten is detrimental to 'normal' peoples health aswell as coeliacs.
  10. More pressing issue though, I cannot for the life of me find SSC legal vitamins? got some multi minerals but everything I look at has added starch, sugar, sweetner or soy
  11. Yeah I had the same thought, I settle with welch's 100% grape juice, apparently its got no added sugar so its all good. As for dry curd cheese I didn't even bother looking, I doubt i'll find it. However as an alternative I can drain off yoghurt. Talking of which mine is ready in six hours! My bowels has also definately changed, I'm curious as to where its going! Shock horror its been sometime since i've been worried about being bunged up! How are you feeling fatigue wise? my energy levels took a real hit but are back on the way up.
  12. I'm on it too! I decided to modify the diet a bit to make it safer in my eyes. instead of starting at the intro diet I started with roughly the full diet taking all the high calorie foods (ie honey) and have had a week of that before toning it into the intro diet which I shall begin tomorrow when my yogurt is ready. I didn't think my body would be happy with too sudden a drop in calorie intake, for one it sets your adrenal glands off a bit. So after that week how do I feel? well no that much different, however when I initially started a week ago I felt very tired and needed lots of pick me up honey so Its improving. Cutting out foods for me is real easy so think I may stick with diet even it doesn't yield improvement, after all its very healthy, and I need all the help I can get!
  13. ok so I too am giving this diet ago, lots of people are claiming to lose weight on it. But I don't have the weight to lose! What are peoples experiences on weight loss with this diet?
  14. I have a statement from "Danisco Cultures" stating that its gluten free, I best check who makes the product I have. However the American FDA classification lists anything as being below 20parts per million as coeliac safe-gluten free. so it may well still contain traces, though i'm not that sensitive a coeliac, so I think i'm getting away with it, though I did take vsl3 since onset so its hard to be sure
  15. Carla you seem to know alot about yeast/bacteria overgrowth, do you know if grastritis comes into it? just I have that fairly bad. I assume its caused by the toxins the bacteria are giving off, would be nice to get some advice from someone with some real experience of it.
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