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  1. I don't think I can sense gluten in the air, smell of store bread always made me sick but the smell of home made bread is still wonderful and I love the smell of turkey or chicken stuffed. Now in defense I will say, I make a gluten-free stuffing, one which the whole family better like as I do. I won't make 2 seperate meals, never did and can't bother starting now. I will say to those who are sensitive to the smells, I understand it totally. Three days ago, I helped my husband make bread (this is the second time it happened), of course being male, he drug his seat till I got annoyed and started to add the flour. As I put in the second container of flour, I knew that I was not doing myself any good. Lastl night I knew for sure. NOw I have had 2 children and the birthing process was nothing. Last night I felt it all at once and intesified a hundred times and from the wrong exit. Finally this morning I had some relief, after mega pain, ruptured hemeroids and now I can't sit. If nothing else, I am up and about getting things done around the house. I also had a flu shot this year, I asked the nurse practitioner if it might contain gluten (fillers) and was told no. Well I think there was something in it as I had the same reaction. This is the third time in two months. I can't afford to have any more reactions like this. I think a special room or corner for those using products with gluten is a necessity for those of us who can't use it. It is getting to our intestines, can be through the skin, we breath it in the air and when we use the same cloths to wash and dry the dishes. I have known for 4 years that I am celiac and this year has been an eye opener, from accessing foods, the availablity to purchase supplies to what might have gluten that I didn't suspect. I read everything, carry my no no book with me and check labels but the air I can't control.I was cruising the first three years looking for products, finding flours and trying foods, not paying attention to what is around me and how I may react or what it is doing to my body. Now I have to go through the shampoo and body product search. Catch up time started today. Thanks for listening.
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