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  1. Thanks everyone for sharing. I feel more secure at times, but so worried most of the time. I wish that I had found out long before and had been on the diet for longer. I do feel healthier being on the diet; I was getting crazy "floaters" in my eyes which I read is sometimes a B12 defic. and since being on the diet they have faded quite a bit, as has my overall "better" feeling. Course, that was before I got pregnant and now I'm tired alot. No sickness yet, I'm not totally worried about that though, since my mom didn't have sickness with myself of my sister. So, thanks again for sharing. I'm sure I'll be back for more advice!!

  2. In September of this year (2006) I was tested postive for Celiac. I went right away on the diet (cheating from time to time). For about 2 months now I have been really strict, not cheating (at least not to my knowledge). I found out 4 days ago that I am pregnant. We were not planning for this just yet, but here we are. We are THRILLED!!! Yet, I'm reading that there are many complications with being both a celiac and pregnant and it's recommended that you are on the diet for a year at least before getting preg. I'm worried about birth defects and miscarriage.

    I just turned 30 in October and was having symptoms for about 8 months before I found out. I would love to hear stories from you if I should be truly worried or if there are more healthy babies out there from Celiac moms than not.

    I have not seen my doctor yet (calling tomorrow) since the weekend and the holiday made it tough to get ahold of her.

    Should I be more worried than happy?