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  1. I just called the Spaghetti Factory in Fresno and they said that they had a lot of people call and ask if they cooked the noodles in a separate container. They said that they understood it was similar to a peanut allergy and that the noodles can't even touch something with gluten in it. Unfortunately they were out of the pasta and won't have it in for another week. Hope this helps Courtnie
  2. I have been reading posts that talk about how celiac goes with other allergies/intolerances. I am curious to know how these are related. I have been corn free for almost two years after suffering with some kind of rash (eczema?) for most of my life. Going corn free helped immensly and my rash got much better but never fully went away. My brother has celiac disease and I am wondering now if perhaps it was the celiac that is causing the rash in addition to the corn. For those you of out there who have corn allergies, how would i know whether my reaction is from corn or celiac? Could the celiac have caused the corn allergy or vice versa? How are these related? This is so confusing.... Courtnie
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