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  1. The purplish color and the length of time the scarring remains is a hallmark of DH. I still have some scarring on my back and neck that is there 7 years after diagnosis and the resolution of DH. For me when those bumps 'popped' the fluid inside would seem to burn the surrounding skin which would then peel. I lived with DH for almost 40 years while being blown off by doctors and getting sicker and sicker. I am glad you are able to get this under control now while your young, just don't forget to drop iodized salt and don't take a supplement with iodine. After you have been gluten-free for a while and have stopped having outbreaks you can add the iodized salt back in if you want. I just use Sea Salt which has iodine in it naturally and doesn't seem to have ever caused an issue.

    definately sounds to be DH, if u go to a gi specialist, how i finally got diagnosed over 5 years ago, they should know by looking at your rash. i broke out and that was my first sign that i needed to do something, all over my back and legs started out small itchy bumps that had whiteheads, thought it was wierd then got painful to touch and they burst with clear fluid, left purple bruise like spots for years after i healed the sores. iodine can make it worse.

  2. If the area that's effected doesn't hurt (everyone mentions PAIN), is it still DH?

    Also, if you have DH, but your household isn't gluten-free, what do you do if you have to come in contact with wheat? For instance I have to fix my 3.5-y.o. son sandwiches. Do you wear gloves or just wash your hands afterward or what?

    Thanks :)


    been gluten free 5 years, and i prepare sandwiches and stuff for my son as well, just wash your hands really well. I try to keep the gluten seperate... my own toaster, cutting board-glass.. I have DH as well, the blisters that i started with were painful and weepy. over the years it has just become an itchyness and i still am trying to find the trigger especially for my scalp..very itchy and flaky i have tried all kinds of shampoos and am going to go corn, potato and rice free to see if it clears. hope i was helpful :)

  3. i have major dh problems as well. I find that all of toms of maine products are wonderful and also i find that neutragena works well as far as make up , face wash and shampoo and conditioner. you can also order a catalog from csa at 1-877-csa-4csa. its about 30 dollars and will give you an entire book that gives you gluten free items from health care to any type of food you can think up. totally worth it :lol: try to watch labels for anything with wheat in them and avoid. hope this was helpful . feel free to pm if you want any more help, i have been dealing with this for about a year and it is so frustrating :( as for detergents i am ok with arm and hammer baking soda detergent that is perfume free and bounce dye free and perfume free dryer sheets.

  4. i have severe dh and i used to think that i was being glutened everytime i had a break out and couldnt pinpoint what caused it . i come to find out that your body takes years to rid itself of the gluten deposits in your body and breakouts just happen. sometimes stress can bring on mine. i am completely gluten free and very careful but unfortunately the breakouts still come and go. they have been a lot less severe each time. Hope thats helpful

  5. its hard to say. I am 28 and was diagnosed last july. I have had problems my whole life with digestion. last summer i got my first outbreak of dh and that led me to celiac disease. in the books i have read it usually affects people btwn the ages of 20-30 caused by some stress such as child birth which really got my stomach messed up. the longer you stay gluten free the better you will feel . I was having awful joint and bone pain and now i am without any pain.

  6. I'm new to this Coeliac /celiac thing, so I apologise in advance. Thanks to anyone that reads this as it's my first post!

    For months I have been thinking that I am falling to pieces, skin problem, I thought I had shin splints, bad headaches, rapid weight loss, dizzy spells, nausea before and after eating, tiredness and fatigue (which seems to be getting worse) and diahorrea and constipation, bloating etc.

    I had the rash/nasty blistery itchy sores on my fingers on both hands, but only on three fingers on each hand - this came first - went to doctors 6 times with this - conclusion is that I have contact dermatitis? Probably not far off, then I go to the doctors with nausea and rapid weight loss (a stone in 5 weeks!) about 10 appointments + over the past 6 months - I am apparently not intaking enough calories and I should go on a high fat diet! My doctor seems to think that I want to be 7 and a half stone (around 48KG) and I have done this to myself????

    Then I get the most terrible pains in my knees, shins, ankles (my legs basically) and they said I was overdoing it.

    Whilst all of this is going on, I have the daily nasty headaches, sometimes blurry vision, nausea, diahorrea, bloating uncomfortable stomach, reoccuring itchy rash on palm of right hand and fingers, oh and a scabby itchy bleeding scalp and the worst fatigue/tiredness.

    SO MY QUESTION FOR ANYONE PLEASE - IS THIS COELIACS DISEASE? AM I A HYPERCONDRIAC - or is my doctor and overpaid good for nothing? AND anyone else in the UK - can I sue my doctor?

    hi , my name is Stephanie and I live in Phx, Arizona. I was diagnosed with celiac in July of 2006. I was constantly having stomach problems( diarhea, bloating , gas and even malabsorption issues where i would loose pounds in a day ) I was down to 90 pounds and having terrible leg pains for years (15 yrs) no one could tell me why. I had days i couldnt get out of bed becuz my legs hurt so bad. I was constantly tired and weak and having migraines, my vision got worse and now I have glasses. I have been gluten free since then and have been improving slowly. I have extreme dermatitis herpetiformis( the blisters that appear and ooze then itch and burn for weeks.

    I went to a doctor once i got down to 90 pounds ( i lost 15) and was covered with dermatitis. the doc told me that i was anerexic and lazy but reluctantly referred me to a gi specialist who basicly gave me a paragraph on celiac disease and said good luck you have this. Most dr's dont want to fix you. Hve you tried keeping gluten free and seen any changes? It can take years to recover and i find im still learning myself . I was told about advantan cream for the blisters which is mainly a corticosteriod cream with methylprednisolone in it. I have found it to order online but not yet in the states. good luck if you have any questions youre in the right place.

  7. Yeah I hoe it gets better with time I'm in Tucson.

    hi im from phoenix,az and was diagnosed in july of 06

    im not sure what stores are in tucson but whole foods, wild oats and sprouts has a lot of gluten free stuff even the health sections of like safeway and frys carries gluten free

  8. hey i have been diagnosed with celiac disease including DH and found that deoderant burns any suggestions- really sensitive skin :(


    iM A 28 YR OLD FEMALE DIAGNOSED LAST JULY AND HVE BEEN FINDING OUT THAT MOST HEALTH AND BEUTY PRODUCTS R AGGRAVATING MY SKIN INCLDING SOAPS/ SHAMPOOS AND SUCH ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED -ANY CLUE ON MAKEUP THAT WONT IRRITATE THIS IS SUCH A BATTLE---IM STILL LEARNING. i had lost over 15 lbs and broke out with dh and then saw a gi doc that diagnosed me just by seeing my sores! i have been gluten and wheat free since and have put back on my weight but am now dealing with my skin

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