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  1. I believe that both my girls may have celiac based on symptoms. Im taking them to a new GI and wonder about testing. My youngest as an allergy (neg. on RAST small 1 on skintest) to wheat. Funny thing is her only symptoms to it are GI and delayed. As in, if she eats it today shes sick (vomitting and diarreah) tomorrow and for a few days later. She still gets gluten though. How would testing go for wheat but not gluten free??? and just to make sure Im on the right track I'll list thier symptoms. R- age 8 43lbs 46.5 in -stomach aches daily - poor weight gain/ growth in general - chronic canker sores - constipation, floating stools -difficulty swallowing sometimes -has what looks like DH on her feet -has what looks like KP on upper arms and thighs W- age 5 34lbs 41in -constant stomach aches -either diarreah or constipation foul stools -unknowingling has BM in sleep occasionally -blood in stool on occasion -multiple chronic canker sores (usually has several at once) - has what looks like cradle cap still but not so severe - distended abdomin -leg pains atleast 3x wk at night (wouldnt ring a bell except she also has leg pains during the day if she walks too much) -has what looks like KP in her upper arms Your thoughts would be wonderful. Thanks! -BETH
  2. My 8yo DD has this weird looking rash on her feet and resembles the dh pics I can find online. It starts red with fliud filled blisters that end up rupturing and so forth. They sometimes end up bleeding after its been ruptured for a while. It itches and hurts. No amount of antifungal cream, vaseline prescribed excema cream has helped. I have pics if thats more helpful. We dont know wether the girls have celiac but I think they do and we have so many unresolved GI issues. Your thoughts?
  3. I dont know about white bread. we tried ener-g tapioca bread and my dd hated it. She now eats brown rice bread by food for life which I buy at publix. If your kiddo likes waffles you can try Vans gluten-free waffles which I can pick up wat walmart supercenter or publix nearly the same price as eggos...
  4. Shes been on prevacid since October. First 15mg then upped to 15 in am and 15 in pm by November. With the 30 I did see improvement. No tummy complaints at all up until a few days ago. Now her tummy pains are back. And shes again saying her legs and feet hurt her. She just wants to lay down or play quitely. I dont know whats going on. but my gut says find a new GI thats gonna be concerned with more than her bowels
  5. Yeah I kinda thought that... Shes been wheat free for 2 months now with 3 exposures thanks to wonderful family members whom thing enriched bleached flour cannot be wheat
  6. Well my 3yo (4 in Feb) Has been having issues for some time now. For the longest time she was refusing to eat saying her tummy hurt. She complains her legs hurt her and she gets canker sore a lot not sleeping through the night. She also started refluxing. She only gained a pound all year and at almost 4 weighs 30 lbs. So I took her to her ped whom ofcourse makes out like Im the reason for her not eating and put her on Zantac -did nothing. So we got a referral to a GI who does a endo and says "everything looks good and I took a biopsy of three places." call a few days later and she has esophagitis so is now on prevacid. During this time we do allergy testing and find shes allergic to wheat and corn but very mild. I take her off both and no more tummy compliants/reflux and better at night. Any accidental ingestion of wheat gives reflux and tummy pains. I still think we are missing something though.... She eats better but still has canker sores, still no weight gain, still wakes up atleast once a night. I know she said biopsy showed no celiac but is it possible its the culprit? Should I ask for blood test? Could She be allergic to wheat AND have celiac? (I know they are diff) Can you be allergic to gluten? How do you find out if its gluten intolerance? Before taking wheat out she just fit the bill for celiac. I personally do not care for her GI she seems to think her problem is that she doesnt poop enough. Any suggestions would be helpful thanks! Beth
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