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  1. Anyone know of any good gluten-free restaurants around Emory?
  2. While Gluten may or may not be absorbed into the skin if you are very sensitive to gluten coming into contact with skin can give you problems. After a freak accident in which there was tape in a pair of boots i borrowed from my friend i had a rash that remained for two weeks just from having the tape in contact with my skin for a few hours. If you find that you are using shampoo with gluten and you are having a lot of trouble with flaking of the skalp or a very itchy scalp you may just be severely intolerant to gluten (as I am) and it would be a good Idea to switch shampoos. I use Neutrogena Clean Shampoos and Conditioners and I have not had a problem since. Hope this helps!
  3. I'm a freshman in college and got diagnosed this fall so I know the pains of dorm room cooking. Amy's has a few microwave meals that are good. Do you have problems with caesin? If not there are a lot of Amy's meals that you can make (from mac and cheese to indian). Thai noodle bowls are also good (I can't remember the exact name brand right now, but if you go to Whole foods and look where all the thai noodle bowls are and read the labels a few will say gluten free.) Hope that helps some.
  4. So I'm joining a bit late but I saw that there were other people with Celiac disease in SC so I thought i'd join in. I'm a 18 (soon to be 19) year old who was just diagnosed in my first semester of college (not exactly what I had planned). Im home for a semester with my parents trying to tackle this whole thing without the issue of dorm rooms and dinning halls. Im new to SC as well (we moved here in July). I'm about 20 mins outside of Charleston (so not so close). But I thought I'd post on here anyways. This whole thing has been kinda discouraging so any ideas of support groups would be nice (I may even be willing to drive an hour or so).
  5. Hey, So I was diagnosed with Celiac very early in the game this past July (well the entire process took until October). I am very intolerant to gluten (apparently). Since October I've done everything from gluten-free, Casein-free diet to making sure my makeup, shampoo, face soap, ect. is gluten free. Im careful when dealing with mail (the seal has gluten) and accidentally had a horrible rash because some shoes i borrowed had tape in them because the tag in the boots irritated my friend. My family has gone gluten free and we have cleaned all areas of the house trying to keep me healthy. I came home from college because I kept getting sick and had to postpone finals cause I was too sick to deal with them. Now here's the problem (sorry for the lengthy intro), I came home to get better and I am getting worse. In the past month i have had four or five major reactions and countless minor ones (headaches, bloating, etc.). Is there something I'm missing!?!? I know it takes time for the diet to work but after four months my improvement is minimal. Any suggestions of what else i need to be on the look out for or where i could be going wrong would be great! I want to get my life back!
  6. Hey, My family just moved to SC this summer (we moved the day my doctor told me i needed to get the blood work done to find out if i had celiacs -- talk about timing!). Anyways I was officially diagnosed this october and although i'm supposed to be at college right now im home with my family in SC trying to get this under control so I can attempt to have a normal college life. I was wondering if there were any support groups (Especially for teens) near the Charleston area. It would be really helpful to not go through this alone.
  7. I'm a Freshman at Emory. I just got diagnosed at the beginning of this year and kept getting sick at school so im home for a little while but I'll be back in Atlanta for summer sessions.
  8. Hey guys, So I am a newly diagnosed celiac and of course - because life just has a way of timing things perfectly - i also started college this fall as i was being diagnosed. I was wondering how other college students were coping with roommates, dinning halls, the social scene, ect. while dealing with this whole thing. Being new to it life seems overwhelming!!!! Any suggestions on how to survive the first months of all this while trying to survive the first few months of college would help a lot!
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