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  1. Our Aldi's gluten-free bread is pretty good, albiet a tad on the thin side. It's sold defrosted, and I keep it in the fridge. Otherwise it gets moldy quickly. best regards, larry mac
  2. Very impressive article. Great info, and well written! Two comments I have: Gluten-free pizza , in my experience, and IMO, always sucks, unless it's cooked in an industrial oven such as Domino's. So that's a tough one, and Carnival is in the same boat as the rest of us there (oops). Sandwiches...
  3. As much as I dislike everything about Aldi's, I'm lovin the frozen Ravioli. For gluten-free, it's pretty tasty IMO. best regards, larry mac
  4. http://omissionbeer.com/2014/01/06/omission-beer-awarded-the-celiac-sprue-association-recognition-seal// I'd try some if we had it here. Perhaps we do, but I haven't seen it. If it's "well below 20 ppm", it should be OK for Celiacs. Of course there's always going to be those few that can't tolerate...
  5. Nobody's mentioned how it tastes! Can't stand Redbridge, and can't get Daura here. Will try it soon as I can though. best regards, lm
  6. Monday - Friday it's a quick bowl of Chex with 2% milk. And coffee of course (with Truvia). Weekends might be either buttered toasted Udi's bread, or toasted Udi's bagel, with jam or agave syrup. And perhaps eggs & bacon. Or breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and homemade...
  7. Yes you may be right about that. I want to admit that I don't know as much about gluten intolerances and allergies as maybe I should. I don't ever want to imply that they are not as important, health wise, as Celiac Disease. I just think, and it's only one opinion, that being positively diagnosed...
  8. Definately get the endoscopy with biopsies now if you have insurance and/or can afford it. Now is the time to get it. It will be too late after you go on the gluten-free diet. It will give you the definative medical diagnosis you will need to prove you have Celiac disease, and prove you need to go...
  9. Tap water comes from a surface source such as a lake or stream, or from a subsurface source such as an underground water table. It has been treated to make it potable. Term: Potable Water Definition: Potable water is simply water that is safe to drink. Potable water is free from polution...
  10. I drink the filtered water from my fridge dispenser. The tap water has chlorine added to it by law to make it safe from bacterial growth. That's usually what makes it taste bad. A charcoal water filter removes the chlorine, and any rust. best regards, lm
  11. I think we drifted a little from the Reeses topic. And I certainly didn't intend to offend anyone. But, they might get that impression from people having reactions to labeled gluten free products that are made in a completely gluten-free facility, for instance. The manufacturers may be asking...
  12. Dear Shauna, What a terrific post! I wish I had your elegance and graciousness. I thought you explained your particular situation, or category, very well. Yeah, I can see where if you tried just the "reading labels" thing, and it doesn't work for you, you have to take more extreme care. I...
  13. Yes it's very unfortunate that some people are extremely sensitive to very small amounts of gluten. I feel for you as it must make life even more difficult. For practical purposes however, we need some way to identify products that contain gluten ingredients, and those that don't. An additional...
  14. Good afternoon fellow Celiacs (and non-Celiac gluten free-ers). Hope everyones having a nice day. We're having a small ice storm here in Big D. Now down to business. I'm looking at a Reeses PB Cup ingredient label. I eat them fairly often. Not only are there no gluten ingredients listed, there...
  15. Diagnosed at 55, after 2 years sick and three doctors. Am convinced the "trigger" was this chain of events: 1) Got bad cold. 2) Went to Doctor, got antibiotics. 3) Cold got better, but got major bad GI problems. 4) Went back to Doctor, diagnosed with C-Diff., got powerfull antibiotics...