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  1. So I am new to this website but not to a gluten free life. So I have been suffering for years of pain and recently it has gotten worse and now I also have GERD. My doctor always told me I had IBS. I was finally tested a couple years ago and it came inconclusive for wheat /gluten maybe celiac disease. But anyways to the point, I have had a gluten and wheat free lifestyle for a while . I did it for almost a year. My problems and pain with food still continued. I was told maybe it will take a while. But I never totally felt better like everyone says you will. So one of my doctors now says I could have this wheat allergy but also with IBS. I am wondering has anyone else been diagnosed with this? I give up wheat and gluten ..ect but the other foods still upset my stomach? I am supposed to be going to get more testing done in a month because thats the closest they can get me in. Thanks for reading
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