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  1. Hi, I have been waiting to see if someone would reply because I'm curious myself. I am also doing a low fructose diet (along with gluten free, dairy free, soy and corn free) and have been feeling better. I did a lot of research of different foods on www.nutritiondata.com to find out the sugar/fructose content. It helped a lot. I stay away from sunflower seeds but I just looked it up. A 1 oz serving has 0.8g of sugar and the fructose value was incomplete. I'd say they were ok but I thought I read somewhere that you should stay away from them on a low fructose diet. Probably doesn't help you any. Check out that website though. You can look up any food on it with different amounts. I just felt bad no one replied to your question. Maybe someone else on a low frustose diet can help us out. Diane
  2. I don't overdo it with the sunflower seeds so they don't bother me. I'm a vegeterian, so meat for protein is out of the question. I bet I'll be the same way you are, Nancym, needing only 1 day to know if a food will bother me. But I still have a ways to go in my elimination phase. So far...so good.
  3. Thank you RiceGuy for writing back so quickly. It is soooo nice to get others opinions. Right now the rice I'm eating is fine. I haven't had a chance to get to the store to check out others but I plan on it. And also thank you OBX Mom. I couldn't imagine having one of my daughters on an elimination diet. One of them is 8 and she wouldn't handle it very well. My thoughts are with your son. Hopefully he'll find the cause of his pain. After 3 days there has been improvement. I'm going to continue for at least 10 days and go from there. With my luck it'll be all the food I love I can't tolerate (and I don't eat a lot of gluten-free processed foods...only a select few). I have started a food diary with times, amounts and any symptom I have. I just want the stomach pain to go away totally and I'll do all I can to accomplish that. My kids are very supportive. One more question. During the challenge phase is it best to eat just one food a few times that day and then go back to the elimination diet for a few days to see if anything happens? Thanks again. Diane
  4. Hi, I have been so tired of my stomach always hurting so I'm doing an elimination diet. I have been gluten-free, DF since Nov. 2006 (a few mistakes though). This is my 3rd day and it really stinks. But the good thing is I feel so much better already. So anyone who has done an elimination diet I have a few questions. How long have you had to go before challenging different foods? Some websites say 5-10 days, some say 2 weeks, some say when you're symptom free for at least 48 hours. I can handle going as long as I need to so I can figure out what foods are bothering me. Here's what I'm eating...rice, sunflower seeds, lettuce, celery, pears and golden delicious apples (all low in salicylates which I researched also. It doesn't sound like much but I am taking supplements. Also drinking water (spring and sparkling with no additives), baby pear and baby apple juice and chamomile tea (not having coffee is a big plus). I know there's not enough vegetables but the others that are low in salicylates I wouldn't eat normally. But another question I have is, can I eat white and brown rice? I guess I just would like to know if elimination diets really work. It's going to be a long process but I want to feel better all the time. It's so hard working...taking care of kids when you're so drained and miserable no matter what you eat. Any advice? Thanks. Diane
  5. Yes...yes...yes! And it's miserable too. Sometimes it can add 5 lbs (or more) to me first thing in the morning and I just have to wait for it to pass. I was diagnosed Nov. 2006 and have been on a gluten free (DF also) since. This only started a couple of months ago and I never ate a lot of salt to begin with. But now I check labels carefully for the sodium but sometimes make mistakes. I don't want to go to the Dr. to get on a diuretic unless it gets worse. So for now I just drink tons of water during the day. Does anyone know something else we can do for this? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I was diagnosed Nov. 2006. My numbers were somewhat similar. tissue IgA- 162, IgA-165 and IgG-37. It took about 6 months for those levels to be down to normal. I was feeling better. But still after 15 months I still struggle a lot of days and get frustrated that I'll never be 100% (I keep going though). I tire so easily. Right now I'm down to a very basic diet again. That's when I feel the best. It's just hard because I'm a single Mom trying to take care of everything else too. But I know the diet works because after losing 30 lbs. before I was diagnosed I finally started gaining some of it back (only 8 so far). So stay positive and don't get frustrated. You'll feel better again. Diane
  7. Hi Kristina, The pain you're having almost sounds like what I went through. The only reason I ever got checked out in the first place was lower right abdominal pain. I was having pain everyday for at least 5 or 6 hours and started ER visits. I had ultrasounds, CAT scans, a laparoscopy etc. I was finally diagnosed with Celiac in Nov. Once I got my diet under control I thought the pain would go away...but it didn't. Starting around the time of ovulation it would go on for 2 weeks straight. I was in the ER monthly and was on vicodin and that didn't even touch the pain most times. They wouldn't believe me that it was my ovaries. I finally saw a GYN specialist and started monthly shots of Lupron, which basically put me into menopause and quieted my ovaries. I haven't had pain since the end of April. But I can only be on Lupron for 6 months because of permanent bone loss. Who knows what will happen after that. So I had 2 separate issues that was causing my pain. It was so bad I don't know how I got through it and never want to have that again. I hope you're able to find the cause of your pain. Sometimes they can't see the endometriosis but it's there. Good luck. Diane
  8. Hi, I wanted to write yesterday but couldn't even find the energy for that. I wanted to know if anyone has had to deal with a lot of light headedness and actual fainting. I eat a very limited diet but a healthy one. I don't mind being gluten free because I was never a big eater anyways. I deal with severe abdominal about half the month (before gluten free it was every day) and between my gastro Dr. and ob/gyn they can't figure it out. I am soooo careful with cc too. So here's what happened. On Thurs. night my abdominal pain started up. By the time I put my daughter to bed I felt really weak. I was in the middle of an email when I thought I'd better lay down. I shut off the computer, grabbed my heating pad (feels good for the pain) walked a couple of steps and then all I remember is coming to and realizing I was on the floor...wondering what I was doing down there. Made it to my room (barely), laid on the bed but was too weak to get under the covers. Almost called the ambulance for myself but I'm a single Mom and my daughters were fast asleep. Very scary night. Yesterday I did tell my daughters and what to do if that happened when they were up. Sometimes they ask, "should we leave our clothes out if we have to go to the ER tonight." It's become too common an event for them. One last thing. I called both my Dr's to have it noted in my chart. My gastro Dr. was very nice...concerned. I had seen him the day before and blood work was done. My ob/gyn had me in tears...asking what I expected her to do with this info and to go to my primary care Dr. Then she said she didn't feel comfortable with me calling with that info...like I was bothering her. I know my pain is more gyn now (makes the intestinal spasms 100% worse) and that is who the specialist is. I know I'm switching Dr's after that app't. I have never felt so alone in my life . My family is in other states. Thanks for listening. Diane
  9. Thanks B, I am thankful that my Dr. finally diagnosed the celiac. Quicker than some people have it. And I really don't mind the gluten free diet. Just trying to make the most of it and how to cook healthier for me and my kids. Now the next part they need to figure out. I'm seeing an ob/gyn specialist in a couple of weeks to see if there's something there. I'm very tired of the ER and they know just give me an IV of demerol and send me home. It's been affecting my job to the point it was in jeopardy. I have the perfect job at my 2 daughter's school working in the Special Ed dept. Most days I have to go in no matter how I feel. I'm hoping my bloodwork is still improving or normal. Let's see if I can get this right...my IgG was 37 in Oct., down to 22 in Jan. My IgA 165 down to 48 and the tissue was 162 down to 84. Wish me luck tomorrow and thanks again.
  10. Hi, As my Dr's app't gets closer I am kind of scared to see him. I'm not really sure why though...maybe because I've lost my faith in Dr's. My pain started over 14 months ago and I am still in pain. So 5 months gluten free and I know there's more to my problem (I am super careful especially with cc). I also see a ob/gyn specialist in a couple of weeks. Really tired of the pain and the ER. They know me very well up there but no one will help me. Last May I weighed 128. By the time I was diagnosed I was 107...the other day I weighed in at 98, and I'm only 5'5". My last bloodwork had my levels going down and I hope things are back to normal. I also have no dairy, corn, soy or eggs. When the pain is really bad I feel as though I'm dying. I guess I'm scared he won't be any help or care or there's something seriously wrong. Just had to vent for a few minutes. Thanks for listening. Diane
  11. Hi Lisa, You are finally someone I can really relate to. Before I was diagnosed with celiac I was bounced back and forth between my gastro Dr. and my ob/gyn. Now over 5 months into being gluten free (and I'm extremely careful) they are starting to do that again. I am so frustrated and just want some answers. Before gluten free I had severe abdominal pain almost every day for about 6 hrs. Now I am down to about half the month. During my ovulation time is the worst. For about 4 days before it and 4 days after I am still in severe pain...enough to send me to the ER every month. It's so frequent that my daughters even know if I come in their room in the middle of the night they have to get dressed right away. My friends even joke (lovingly though) that I should make an "on call" list of people to take me there. Anyways, I finally see an ob/gyn specialist in a couple of weeks. At this point I don't care if I have a hysterectomy. I've already had my children but want the pain to just stop. I want to feel better! Diane
  12. She started the gluten free diet today. It helped when she got to share in the plans for her lunches at school. I will be able to watch her too because I work at my daughter's school in Special Ed with 5th graders. She's in 5th grade and I have that lunch duty every day. Makes it kind of convenient. My 2nd grader I don't see as often there. She has a good attitude about it (right now anyways) and say she'll be healthier than all her friends. I do try to watch her fat intake, ever since she had lead poisoning at age 2. Once we moved those levels came down. I'll keep it in mind next time I talk to her Dr. about her gall bladder. I'll definitely keep you updated when I know more. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I will know tomorrow (hopefully) when Serena's ultrasound is scheduled and we'll get the bloodwork done at the same time. I don't want them doing anything else, like a biopsy, until we try the gluten free diet for a time. She doesn't take any medications or supplements. She is sick maybe twice a year and then gets children's tylenol...but that's it. She is starting the gluten free diet today. It won't all be a big surprise for her. She sees what I'm eating and has been reading labels for me. But right now I'm down to fruits, veggies, meat (only chicken or tuna) and the occasional gluten free cookie (have to have something sweet) until my pain is gone...once my Drs put their heads together and figure it out. She even knows about cc. I should have done a gluten free diet for her awhile. Even without the gene she has been complaining about her stomach way too much. She is also very small in stature for her age. Her thyroid and bone age xray were ok. Thank you for all your posts. And thank you, chrissy, for the note on Pamelas bread. I'm going to make it right now. Diane
  14. Thank you for the nice thoughts. I talked to Serena this morning and together we read the posts I received on this subject. I want her to be a part of this big decision. She realizes that it could help but then again maybe it's something different. I explained that even though I'm not eating much of a variety at the moment (until my issues with pain are resolved) her diet wouldn't have to be like that. Just have to find a bread that she'll be able to tolerate...haven't found a good one yet. Does Pamela's gluten free bread mix turn out well? We're making that later on. Any other input on this whole subject of liver enzymes would be greatly appreciated. Diane
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