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  1. Do you guys know anything about leaky gut? I think that is the issue, which is why gluten is a problem for me, and possibly why starch isn't so good either. I seem to be sensitive to a lot of things these days. -Steve
  2. Are starchy foods (potatoes, white rice, etc) safe for those with celiac disease? My specialist took me off of those as well as gluten. Is there a connection? Thanks, Steve
  3. Makes sense. Celiac disease isn't a traditional disease after all. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. I'm just confused as to the whole antibodies thing. If your body produces antibodies for something, do they not stay in your system forever? Isn't that how vaccines work? Thanks for the support thus far. -Steve
  5. Thanks guys, I knew something wasn't right. Are doctors honestly that ignorant to things like this or what?
  6. How accurate are they? I've been gluten-free for about 18 months, and the doctor said my blood shows no sign of antibodies (or something like that). Does this necessarily mean I am safe to have gluten, because I know for a fact that it causes me to have bloody mucus. Thank you, Steve
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