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  1. We made these the other night using Betty Crocker's chocolate cake mix and the pumpkin (1 cup) in place of butter. Mix the rest as the box says. I saw where some had added a cream cheese filling. Tried that too. Major deliciousness! It made about 14 standard size muffins. Very moist. The filled ones tasted better when they were completely cooled. We had trouble waiting for the cooling!
  2. I'm the only one with celiac. But my husband and kids eat gluten-free when I cook. My seven year old son is very knowledgable about what Mommy can/can't have and tells people. Your youngest will catch on fast. I work in a school and totally understand your concerns. I would allow your non celiac child to eat (hopefully healthy choices) with her friends/such and try to make your home environment gluten-free. She will learn to like both options and my kids are always trying my snacks over theirs. For the bread, I still after 4 years don't really bother with it. I don't even miss it. btw, I used to eat lots of donuts. now I can't even stand the smell of them. your tastes change!
  3. Personally, my reflux symptoms have greatly diminished since being gluten-free. Before I kept complaining of issues and the gi doctor would scope me and not agree with what he saw from the physical damage. He was making me feel like I was crazy and a whack. My regular doctor diagnosed the celiac and I haven't been back to the gi since.
  4. Wendy's is the only fast food option that I eat at. They (at many different locations) have always been very accomodating and don't seem flustered when I order things. The only thing I order at McD's is a milkshake.
  5. I was 33 and kept complaining of reflux issues that the GI doctor would not agree with. Finally family practioner order the celiac blood panel. Felt soooo much better w/in 2 weeks! Have been gluten free for over 4 years. To all the newbies, it gets easier as you go. But every accidental glutening seems harder to handle.
  6. thanks to all my gluten free friends! Your support is amazing!
  7. Thanks for the advice! It's the lack of control that is scarier than the surgery at this point.
  8. I have a hysterectomy scheduled for next month. My biggest fear is staying at the hospital and not in control of my food prep. When I had outpatient stuff done last year (tubes tied, cyst removed, and ablation--which didn't work as promised) the nurses kept insisting on trying to feed me crackers. After I explained why not for the umpteenth time they then tried to make me eat WARM applesauce! Any ideas for surving the hospital stay? thanks in advance, jackie
  9. I found a good cornbread recipe (and some other good gluten-free recipes) on a website for a very popular brand of butter (I don't want to get nailed for product pitching )
  10. We also had wonderful experiences at Gaylord Nashville, aka Opryland. The only down side was the high prices!
  11. We went to the Rainforest Cafe in Nashville this past July and it was the most wonderful place! I asked the served if he had a gluten-free menu and he stated he wasn't very familiar with our needs but his manager was. The manager sat down at the table with us, told me of things that I could get or that he could modify to make safe. He gave us time to place our order with the server and then checked over our selections. My son and I at this point were walking around checking out all the animals and such. The manager "tracked" us down and told me he "had it all taken care of". He checked on us several times throughout the meal as well. Everything was delicious, I was stuffed! And I didn't order any salad! A friend (non gluten-free) was with us the day and she could not believe the quality of service and the quality of food I received. She sees the limited choices I am usually faced with and was very impressed with our experience. I can't wait to go again!
  12. I have been gluten-free for almost 3 years and feel so much better. But I have always wondered this... if we can't eat commercial, mainstream oats because of wheat exposure, why don't manufacturers have to label wheat in the ingredients or allergen list? Any help out there? My kid's box of Captain Crunch looks really good and tempting!
  13. Hi there. Some of glutened reactions do vary, but most are predictable. My husband has become more conscientous in regards to dealing with sickness with the more predictable ones. I've been gluten free for over 2 years nows, but when I would sucumb to a craving and cheat I really suffered. My most recent attack was accidental and I thougt I was dying! A couple bites of an ice cream that had brownies in it. We all knew I was going to be sick, and like clockwork it hit me in three hours. I was out of commission for five days, with two trips to the ER. I've never had it this bad. The infuriating part is going to the doctor...everyone is responding and tending to me until they run blood work looking for all these other grave things and then look at me like a hypocondriac. This past time was the worst, I got SEVERE abdominal pains, diahrea, vomiting, dehydrated quickly, so lethargic I would collapse.
  14. My advice as a school administrator is get the 504 plan, if she has any other learning difficulties then I would insist strongly on an IEP for OHI (other health impaired). Also, present your district's food service director with a physician statement and that will "make" the cafe. have foods on hand for your child. The only problem that I see you running into is if she is not going to use the cafe. services frequently, the local staff may not keep foods readily avail. Our school manages our students with food allergies very well. Tho, no one has c/d that we are aware of, but me. And my cooks are always asking/inquiring what I can/cannot eat. They are very proud when they have a day that I can actually eat from the regular foods!!smile!! Jackie
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