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  1. Have people noticed symptoms that they know were caused by using topical products that contain gluten? What have you noticed? Have gotten reactions to topical gluten other than a skin reaction?
  2. Hi, I am interested in coloring my own hair. I am looking for gluten free semi-permanent color that takes well on gray hair and does not fade. I have been coloring my hair at a salon for years. But now it is almost 100% gray and growing very fast. I am taking a vitamin/mineral supplement that may be speeding up my hair growth along with better absorption on the gluten free diet. Now my hair needs to be colored every four weeks and no later since the contrast is so obvious. And then if I have something special coming up it needs to be colored at the three week point. The roots are pretty obvious at the three week point. I am a swimmer and wash my hair every day so I need a very gentle non-damaging hair color. The products my salon uses are great and meet all that the above criteria but since it now needs to be done so often it is costing too much and going to the salon so often is driving me crazy. The semi-permanent color at the salon takes very well and doesn't fade. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Lisa
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