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  1. Thanks all for replying. Unfortunatly He will not do the gluten-free diet unless that is what the doc. says is wrong. I am not having a very good day with my husband today. He is being selfish. I search for info on IBS and Celiac and show him and he ignores me then the next day he says its because his stomach hurt that is why he didn't listen. He don't seem to be doing anything to better himself. He drank last night a bottle of Paul Masson (brandy) with our roommate. My 3 year old little girl has to listen to him complain all the time "my stomach hurts" and she does it to now more than ever. I went for along time thinking that he was lieing. Now its been about a year since I have tried a different approach with all this by looking the info up my self and showing him as I stated above and this morning he told me that no one made me do it and that I could stop. He says that he will just take the IBS meds and hope they work. I just don't now what to do I am tired inside and tired of him telling me he hurts and isnt changing his daily habits to better himself. Casey
  2. Thanks you all for replying. Now my husband is leaning toward a really severe case of IBS can anyone relate? As far as the pot. The doc said that because he was been smoking soo much and for so long it has been know to give one diarrhea and stomach pains. I said I am shocked and don't understand? Because his stomach cramps have been sooo bad that pot seemed to be the only pain relief he had gotten in some hours if not days. I do understand about the different pesticides and all, but I just don't believe that pot is the reason for his stomach problems. I am pretty gullable but not that gullable. I even tryed to research it, and the only thing I seemed to come up with....was people telling there storys about how they smoke to ease the pain from MS or what not. I am not trying to be a pot activist or anything....I just know from seeing it with my own eyes pot is not the reason for my husband stomach cramps or diarrhea. He don't wanna be the gluten-free diet if he don't have to be. He said its the hardest diet to be on. Which it is pretty difficult. But what if all this is just false negatives or what if it is really a server case of IBS? If anyone can relate or talk to me please do I am up for discussion I guess. Thanks Casey
  3. Thank you for replying. We have been eating a gluten free diet but we have also have cheated. The night before his doctors appt. which was wed. the 13th we ate pizza, then after the appt. we ate sholotskys (Don't know how its spelled.). Last night (the night after the appt.) we had mcdonalds. I know that when he eats gluten he has to go to the bathroom within about 20 mins if not sooner from eating it and the cramps are well are right after usually. The doc just don't think that celiac is the answer and I have been on the internet for the last 3 hours trying to find anything between smoking pot and diarrhea. I am finding nothing. We both don't understand why he would say his diarrhea is from pot we both have smoked for along time and I don't see why his body would just mimic the symptoms of a celiac. If he don't smoke he is miserable. I would much rather him smoke than be out of it from prescription medication. Which also causes more deaths than pot. I don't like this and I don't know what else to do. Other than wait for the biopsies to come back and pray they show what the naked eye couldn't see. Casey
  4. Hi all, This is becoming too much.....my husband had his endo. today, and he is not very happy. You see the doc. told him that he don't see celiac disease as the answer for these last 4 years of diarrhea! I told him I am at a loss of words. They took biopsies and said that might rule out something. But over all colon normal!??? He is upset and says this makes him feel more like a hypochondriac. The doc. said that my husband smoking (& not cigarettes) could have something to with it. I just don't see this at all. He usually has to smoke to relax from the cramps and frequent diarrhea! I also don't get when he don't eat gluten for a 2 week stretch he feels better? He says its not a huge difference. Regarding the procedure....he was combative (& he is a large man). He hit the anast. then I think 2 nurses. He bit his lip during the procedure also. Its a bad day and bad time I don't know what do do anymore. Anyone out there know what my husband is experiencing? Casey
  5. Thanks for your response! Everything is helpful. We have a GI appt. On Wed. the 14th. Kinda worried though, because he has seen alot of doctors over the last 3 years and they have all been more than less dumb founded when it comes to his symptoms. Most have always said he has colitis and then ulcerative colitis and IBD and "you will have to have your colon removed in about 2 years". Its all sooo much to deal with! I have INS through my job so we are taking advantage of that. I do believe that he is one that has to have a diagnosis from a doc. in order to take action. He is an adult and should know what not to eat but like a child he seems to think alittle won't hurt I guess. Its difficult sometimes, shopping for food isn't that bad. We are learning how to make a menu so we can go shopping and know what we are buying doesn't have gluten in it. All in all he has talked to me today and he is feeling better. I just pray that this just doesn't continue like this. Thanks for listening Casey
  6. Hello, I am kinda out of it right now...due to being up since about 3 a.m! My name is Casey and here is my story from this early morning I had. (I guess I just need to vent and get some encouragement) First of all my husband is the one who has not been diagnosed with celiac disease but soon we will be on the right path with that. The gluten free diet has done alot of good with him so we are trying to stay on it. For some reason its hardest for my husband. My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed in Oct. which was great but odd. She, just this year started showing signs and symptoms of the disease. My husband on the other hand has had "D" for going on 3 1/2- 4 years. Bathroom trips could go up into the teens almost the 20s. He has been told all sorts of things even your colon will probaly have to be removed in about 2 years. So now at the beginning of this year I could not take it anymore. So I research for about 2 days and found Celiac Disease. I had him try the diet a few times, each time seemed to do better than the last. So just about 3 months ago we agreed to go Gluten free. Right......he just can't seem to stay away! Its a scarry thing, I tell him all the time your killing your self you know that? Well we have been doing good for about 2 weeks thats along time but not along time. It hasnt really been totally gluten-free. So last night we were out and hungry so he got a panini sandwich thing. He ate the first all of it bread and all.....then the second he took most of the bread off....but he was already well on his way to pain! At about 2:45 a.m. sound asleep.....no way!! He screamed and curdled so loud but he was out of it at the same time! So in and out of sleep he is crying and saying his intestines feels like it is on fire.....I asked him if he wanted me to call 911. He said no and would fall back out. This went on and on until I just got out of bed around 4:45 because my 3 yr old was up by then. I almost had to take my daughter to work with me .....and I don't have a car so we would have been walking. I normally ride my bike so that would not have worked! Anyways....so now I am angry and I have told him this morning that I am because if it was an accident it would be different but he knowingly and willingingly ate that panini and I was there for him this morning but now I don't feel like he cares much that I had to go to work. He has done this to him self no one forced him to eat it and I tell him all the time are you sure you wanna do that? Any one got any opinions and thanks for letting me vent even if you dont' reply.
  7. Hello, I have posted a few times but not many. I have known about celiac disease since Jan 07. Its been a whirly ride the last 2 years or so....my 3 year old daughter has a doc. appt. on 10/24 my husband has one on 10/31. I am posting on here because I want to go to these appts well prepared. I am tired of going to the doc. and them being pushy because they are the doc. and they know alls well sorta speak. The last GI appt that my husband had the doc wanted to do both an endo. and colonoscopy. He had a colonoscopy 2 years ago and he doesn't want to go through another. He told the doc. this and he pretty much said you can take it or leave it. So my husband needless to say never returned to his office. My daughter on the other hand has never been seen for any problems other than normal check ups. Her appt. is a normal check up but I want her tested as well. I don't know much about the childs side of this disease. I march she started showing strange symptoms. Throwing up and irritability (alot of irritability from both!) 3 times she has thrown up this year. I know some of the tests but I don't know all of them... I have INS. from my job so I may as well use it! I know about the endo....and just thinking of my husband getting that test makes butterflies in my tummy because I feel thats the answer! But my daughter.....what tests are good enough for a 3 year old and my husband is 24. He don't work because of this and we are on and off this diet because of money issues right now....I always say if we can get you gluten free for real that you can go work and we can afford this diet without any stuggles! But it seems so far away! Anyone here can tell me what I need? Also I live in Austin, TX anything that is helpful to my area also....then next year we are moving to Atlanta, GA. Hope someone has some friendly advice. Casey
  8. Hello All, I have not posted too much here...I don't have a computer....So I have to sneek around at work. So here is the deal....my husband has had alot of stomach problems over the last 3 1/2 years! Alot of diarrhea and stomach cramps. Diagnosed with this and that. Even he would have his colon removed in 2 years with no phyical finding or a reason! So....now I got him another GI doctor here in Austin, Tx. Its is on the 31st. He has already had 1 blood test ran IgA tis all (which came back neg!) They say there is no way he has celiac because he weighs too much.....ok when we first met 4 years ago....he only weighed 185 about....now he is 330 and it fluctuates. It almost looks like his stomach is swollen! I just want to know what is wrong with my husband. Also my 3 year old daughter (just turned 3 today) has problems she is hard to deal with when she has too much gluten. My husband is always irritated and blames it on me! I am having a really hard time dealing with things on a day to day basis. Between my daughters irritatedness and his. Him gettin mad at her because she won't listen!! AHHH ok back on task here....my other issue is that I am the only one working because his stomach pain has gotten so bad he has had to stop working all together....I have given him until feb. to get things under contol. We get on a gluten-free diet and then.....we fall off....because of money or what not......I want to get us on a menu so it will be easier.....but my brain seems to go blank alot.....I have heard and seen people post about finacial help that is offered ......but I don't know where to begin. Holidays are coming up and he is going to be in the bathroom alot if I can't get a handle on this now! I have food stamps (bout to get cut off because they say I make too much) I just got a raise at my job from $8.25 to $10 and we have a roomate so that is another issue in its self. I have WIC and all that good stuff....but we are still struggling.....we what to be on this diet but we don't know where to start. We have no car so we are stuck with public transportation. Any suggestions......we are planning on moving back to Georgia next sept also. I know I know what to do.....but I feel like I don't!! Does that make sense? Thanks for listening!!!! Casey
  9. Hi all, My name is Casey and My Husband is Stephen our soon to be 3yr old daughter is Kyla. I have been doing lots of research on the net the last 8 month or so. A little knowledge bout my situation......my husband started having problems alittle before our daughter was born. Sporadic diarrhea started first then months later came the stomach pain. When I was in the hospital after having a c-section he was sleeping on those uncomfortable chairs because he had to be to work at 8 pm that night and he started to cry and moan in his sleep so me and my mom woke him the the nurses rushed him to the ER. They found nothing and then he started to go to the doc. They started to tell him he had colitis and he needed a colonoscopy. He did this and it came back fine with not probs at all! They told him there are people with diabetes and people with different allergy's you just have the s$#&s. This man has been from job to job and doctor to doctor. No solid results! Half the time was in Georgia and the other half has been here in Austin, Tx. Last year he was even diagnosed with (no real reason) IBD Irritable bowl disease (chron's, ulcerative colitis) and told he would have to have his colon removed in about 2 year. This was when we was 23 @ 21 he has the colonoscopy. So we got really worried then I researched his symptoms basically 1 by 1 and found celiac disease in January of this year. He was tested but only the IgA test. It came back neg! We just could not believe this. No real answer! The one symptom that throws us is his weight. When we got together in 2003 he weighed about 180. He is now 330 and it fluctuates! He does eat gluten free but was in denial not to long ago. He is gettin to the point of eating nothin but rice. Most of which is because he says I get on him all the time about a job and stuff. I get over whelmed alot b because I am the only one that is working and we live with a roommate because we could not pay the bills and still be ok. I don't know what else to do for him. He doesn't have any energy to do anything anymore. And I know he isn't very happy about his weight because it shows! He is upset because he feels his stomach hates him. Our daughter on the other hand has not had any significant symptoms only on 2 occasions. Both were after she ate a sub from Quiznos and a place here in Austin called Jasons Deli. I got woke up with her screaming MOMMY MY TUMMY HURTS then the throwing up started. The first time we took her to the ER and they even transfered us by ambulance to the children's hospital because they thought the had a intestinal blockage. End result they said she had a stomach flu. The poor girl threw up for 4 hours. The second time was only about 3 months later and I just knew what to expect. I keep tellin her its ok KK you have to get it out of your system. Since then the poor girl won't eat bread! So now here I am making very low money To support the 3 of us on $8.25 an hour is very difficult and I don't even get 32 hours a week anymore since new management. They lowered my food stamps from $408 to $149 because I work. HA HA HA! My husband don't work because he can't stay out the bathroom. I have to cut my insurance from my job because its too much $83 a month I need that! He needs an endoscopy done and no doc will do one unless they think its nessecary around here. I think he may have borderline diabetes also. Any suggestions? I don't get on here much. So if you could email me @ Peaches102984@yahoo.com. If you want to leave a thread I will try to be on here in the next week. I just need support and encourgement. Also some friendly advice. thanks casey
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