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  1. Hi there... my first time on a site like this... I have DH, diagnosed at 21 now I'm 42. I have had it since I was 14, but was misdiagnosed for about 7 years. A typical US case it appears. Eating any products that contain OATS and anything with IODINE in it causes me to have a far worse break out of DH than consuming some wheat products. Lots of stuff is labelled "wheat-free" but it isn't gluten-free. Also, I have read and personally experienced the link that gluten intolerant (or celiac) persons have with iodine. It is also known as carageenan (in ice cream, some gum, used as a thickener, makes things creamy), spirulina, sea algae, sea greens and is found in most multivitamins. It is also in shellfish (shrimp, lobster), so avoid those. I don't know how much is in iodized sals, but the fact that it is iodized makes me think there may be some iodine in there. My rash can be red and mosquito bumpy or actual clear blisters. They itch like crazy!!! I get a blood-blistery type bump on my hands (especially if I've eaten food with iodine in it) that itches really intensely. I found that TwinLab makes a great multivitamin for sensitive/allergic individuals. No wheat, eggs, soy, milk....etc. It worked great for me when I was pregnant and I continue to take them every day, 7 years later. They are found at most Ralph's or Kroger stores and some Wild Oats, Henry's stores. GNC also has a good woman's multivitamin that is allergen free, but it has both iodine and iron removed. For my DH rash, my doctor prescribed a cream called Clobetasol for intense itching. Never to be used on thin skin (face especially), it stops the itching and makes my outbreaks far less intense. It doesn't work on my hands, (I guess the skin is too thick) but everywhere else it is great!. I typically peel a bit on my elbows and knees about 5 days later, but it stops my outbreaks while the telltale tingle is just beginning. I don't use it very often, just when I have cheated and eaten something I probably shouldn't have and feel the rash coming on. I take Sulfapyridine (made by Jacobus Labs in New Jersey) to control my gut and skin symptoms. It is a tablet taken orally. It used to be made for years by Eli Lilly but wasn't profitable enough. It is now considered to be an "orphan drug" where Jacobus makes it but makes no money from it. I have to submit twice annual blood tests through my dermatologist (I have a great dermatologist through Kaiser Permanente in Southern California) and they monitor liver functions, and iron. Sulfapyridine can cause anemia and because it is broken down in the liver, they want to be sure that users liver enzymes remain normal. I tried Dapsone, but I got a different rash from it and headaches, too.
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