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  1. My DD was tested for celiac a couple weeks ago after having chronic diarrhea and vomiting. Her results came back today in the normal range with the exception of 1 test (not sure which one) that was slightly elevated. She has been wheat free for 3 months due to a wheat allergy so I am not sure if these results are accurate and the Dr. doesn't feel that she needs a biopsy. Could a wheat allergy cause the slight elavation? or is it possible that she could be developing celiac? or that she didn't have enough in her system to show results? Any input is appricated. Tina
  2. Hello..I took my daughter who will be 2 next month into the Dr. on friday because for the past month she has had recurrant (sp?) vomiting and diarrhea. They ran several different blood and stool tests including the celiac panel, I have recieved all the results except the test for celiac. My questions are how long does it usually take to get the results? And she has been wheat free for 2 months, she was recently Dx'ed with a wheat allergy so would these results be accurate if she has been wheat free? Thanks!
  3. As the mother of one child already diagnosed with mild autism and one that is developmentally delayed & suspected of having autism those numbers are heartbreaking. I was until last week a little skeptical of diatary intervention for autism, but after removing wheat from my daughters diet I saw a huge improvement in her joint attention etc. I now believe there is a connection to autism & diet. Tina..Mommy to Justin 6 Aspergers, Kelsey 4, & Megan almost 2, developmentally Delayed & food allergies
  4. I believe that it was the wheat she was reacting to, so we have decided not to give it to her anymore reguardless of what the allergist thinks. Why is it so hard to get these Dr.'s to believe what you say. We know our & our kids bodies and they shouldn't disreguard what we tell them just because we don't have a medical degree. So I will probbly be hanging around here for food ideas and such. I hope that is ok, since she isn't Celiac as far as we know & just allergic. Thanks Tina
  5. My DD (21months old) was allergy tested last week with positive results for soy, peant, almond, dairy, & wheat. The allergist isn't convinced that they are true allergies, but possibly intolerences, or even false positives. To be safe I removed all of the above foods, except soy which the allergist wanted to test over the weekend. On Monday, they told me that it wasn't nessassary to remove the other foods, so I slowly started to add wheat back, first with a cracker, no reaction, so 24 hours later we tried pasta. In the middle of the night she woke up (the first time since removing the wheat) scratching her belly like crazy, she broke out with an eczema like rash, she went back to sleep, woke up a few hours later with terrible diarhea (sp?), so bad that it went through her diaper, clothes, bedding, and down in her socks. I called her allergist who isn't convinved that she is reacting to wheat, and thinks it's fine to continue to give it to her. All other foods she reacted to are out of her system, except soy which she had tolerated fine for a week now. I give her wheat and this is the reaction I get. On a developmental note..wheat free..her joint attention drastically improved. I plan on asking her ped about testing for celiac but not sure how far I will get with that. Is is just me or does it seem like she reacted to wheat? Tina..Mommy to Justin 6 Aspergers, Kelsey 4, & Megan 21 months Developmental Delay
  6. Hello...I posted here about a month ago reguarding some symptoms I have been having. Well, I haven't been tested yet, but my 21 month old daughter recently had some allergy testing done that came back with the following food allergies: soy, peanut, almond, milk, and wheat, so I am looking for some websites that have some examples of wheat/dairy free foods that could be found in the grocery or even some special order web sites. I was also wondering if she is allergic to wheat should I look into celiac? I believe celiac is more of an intolerence (i think correct me if I'm wrong) but should it be looked into? Thanks Tina Mommy to Justin 6 Aspergers Kelsey 4 & Megan 21 months old Developmental Delay & Food Allergies
  7. Thank you all for your replies. I have debated for quite a while about going to see a Dr. but, when I finally have had enough and decide to go, I start to feel good again, showing no symptoms at all. Is it even possible to have celiac or wheat intolerence or even IBS, and have all symptoms completely disappear for a couple months at a time, then suddenly show up again for months? As far as my kids, I never concered having my son tested until recently. I just didn't think it was an issue for him, as he had shown autism symptoms since birth. But, ironicly(sp?) just last night my Mother in Law asked me if my son could be having reactions to food. For the most part he does really well, then out of nowhere he acts completely out of control. So, I am starting to suspect food and additives. I know he reacts to red & orange dyes in drinks, now making his Dr. understand is going to be tough. I had to fight just to have him dx'ed by a neuro. My little girl, however, I have always felt was having reactions to food. She had severe reflux when she was switched from breast to milk based formula. When she was put on whole milk at 1 year she developed eczema, "d", and vomiting. So, she was switched to soy. The Dr. recently wanted to "test" milk again, which she tolerates now, but the eczema has returned. We also think she may be headed down the autism route, as she only says 2 words at just over 20 months old, among other things. Sorry again that this is so long! ) Tina
  8. Hello..My name is Tina & I am new here. I came to find out about Celiac through reading a book about autism. I have a little boy with Aspergers Syndrome. After doing some research I came to believe that I may have some symptoms of celiac or at least an intolerence. After the birth of our 2nd child I started to wake up in the middle of the night with terrible stomach cramps and "D". This would happen off and on for about year when it started to happen more often, and hurt much worse. As of now, the symptoms seem to disappear for a couple months, then suddenly reappear for 2-3 months. When I have the symptoms, I experence severe stomach cramping, it feels like my intestines are being twisted, I get lightheaded, feel like I am going to pass out, and have a BM that resembles thick mud (TMI, I know sorry) The stomach cramping can last 20 min to 2 hours. This can start anywhere from right after I eat to several hours later. It also tends to happen in the middle of the night. And it doesn't matter what i eat. When I don't have symptoms that severe, I will get a mild headache, slight intestinal pain, more of an ache really, brain fog, and I am extremely fatigued. I haven't lost any weight, in fact I have gained 30 pounds. Do any of these sound like symptoms? I have been without symptoms for a couple months, but I just know it is going to start up again any time. This has been happening for 4 years now. Any advice? Thanks Tina...Mommy to Justin 6, Aspergers Kelsey 4, & Megan 20 months, Developmentally Delayed
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