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  1. HI there Ya'll , I have been doing some research on Hypothyroid disease and it came up with this link to the Celiac site . What I'm wondering is , is there a relation between the two ? I would sure appreciate any information on the subject that you can help with . Now my mother had celiac sprue so I know about, that I'm just confused as to why the search about high level reading of my THS test lead me to the Celiac site . Sue
  2. Hi there everyone, I'm Sue , I'm new to this forum and I must say that I had no idea really that so many suffer from Celiac . My Mother had the disease and I know how hard it is on the person and the ones around them . My mother had the disease for about 7 years and to watch them go through all the pain and agony is heartbreaking . I know they have come up with new ways of dealing with it and I hope that you, that have friends or family with the disease keep them on there diets and makes sure they stick to them to the letter .. Sue
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