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  1. Amanda: I have two children with metabolic disorders and my oldest just got bloodwork back today that confirmed Celiac Disease also. I did a search for metabolic disorders/celiac and your posts came up immediately. I am glad to find such a knowledgeable community and am sure I will be reading the boards closely to get help with my son's diet and many other things. You should definitely find out exactly what disorder your doctors are talking about and then do a search for sites that are specific to that disorder. Metabolic disorders are very serious and many involve a visit to the nutritionist and an emergency protocol letter. My guys do not metabolize fats like most people do. When they are ill they need extra glucose usually administered by IV. Any metabolic disorder should be taken very seriously but can be managed once you know what your child needs. Once you find out exactly what metabolic disorder they are suspecting, you can research it more thoroughly. Good luck--they are usually rare but serious, although manageable when you know what is needed. I guess my son is proof that you can have both. Elizabeth
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