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  1. Hello Sandy O, I was diagnosed with Grover's Disease 2 years ago and it's gotten progressively worse. I do not fit the "mold" for Grover's. I'm a woman, have it on my scalp, arms, hands, trunk, and legs. All the cortissone creams on the planet haven't helped. I had to take Prednisone for an ecxema rash and the Grover's went away as did the ecxema, but Prednisone isn't recommended for Grover's. I haven't tried Accutane yet, but that's next on my list. The docs biopsy clear skin (non-lesion affected) so they can get an analysis of all potential skin diseases, not just the area that's affected. My father was allergic to gluten, so I'm going to try a gluten-free diet. I'm new on this forum, but will keep checking for new treatments for Grover's. Beverly H
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