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  1. I was diagnosed in 1994 but since 1972 I had elevated liver enzymes especially Alk Phos along with SGOT and SGPT and they tested me for many liver disease as well as bone disorders and found nothing. It wasn't until 1994 when my systems shut down and I was in the hospital that they found the sprue. I asked my gastro man at the time if this could cause those blood results and he said he never heard that but after I recovered all my tests have been normal. Hope this helps. John
  2. Thanks fo rthe tip. I didin't think of fruits as fiber. I guess I was looking for a whole grain substitute and wondering if any of our gluten free grains would be considered fiber. I don't think that corn or rice would be of much help. You wouldn't happen to know which fruits contained the most fiber would you?
  3. I am looking for suggestions on finding sources of dietary fiber besides eating vegetables and beans.
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