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  1. Hi, Momma Goose! I did see the post on glutenfreedrugs and also spoke directly with Abbott about the change in status. It sounds like the typical "cover your behind" response, but I wanted to know if anyone on this forum actually experienced celiac symptoms that they could connect to synthroid. Hope that makes sense. Thanks! Jennifer
  2. Hi! Just wondering if anyone out there has had a problem on synthroid? I have been on it for almost 20 years and noticed they have changed their gluten free status in the past year. I've been having some celiac symptoms recently (since refilling my prescription) and am wondering if it could be related. Thanks! Jennifer celiac dx 1/07, gluten-free since 1/07
  3. Dr. suggested I take acyclovir to stave off cold sore. Has anyone checked on Acyclovir's gluten-free status lately? Or had any problems tolerating it? All in the name of vanity, you know! Thanks! Jennifer
  4. Having surgery next week. Norco is out because of possible cross contamination issues. Has anyone had luck with Vicodin recently? Thanks! Jennifer
  5. Has anyone found a birth control pill that is confirmed gluten free by the manufacturer? I recently tried Zovia which is on many gluten-free lists but which the company cannot confirm is gluten-free ("we don't put gluten in but can't be sure about the manufacturers we get our ingredients from"). Thought it was the usual "cover our ass" response, but be aware, Zovia is definitely NOT GLUTEN FREE! My doc wants me to start a new brand tomorrow and suggested Yaz, but again cannot get confirmation from manufacturer that it is in fact gluten-free. Please help! Need to be on pill for medical reasons - ovarian cancer and osteopenia protection. Can anyone offer any guidance? Thanks! Jennifer dx 1/07, gluten free since 1/07 but first negative antibody test in 5/08 after giving up Zovia!
  6. Am eager to cover up my newly sprouting gray hairs. Does anyone know of a gluten-free hair color or highlight? Please help!! I'm graying up by the minute! Thanks! Jennifer DX 1/07 2 sons, both gene +, antibody neg. for now
  7. So funny! I just got introduced to these at Disney World as well! And oh my GOD!!!!! They are so delicious!!! I totally welled up when I first tasted them and then proceeded to eat at least 2 at every meal! Our chef at breakfast gave me a great recipe I thought I'd share.... She had me make a cut on the bias and pipe gluten-free apple pie filling into it. Fry it quickly and then roll it in powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar. Voila! You have an AMAZING jelly-filled donut!!! Hope you enjoy as much as me!!! ( And, yes, I do hit the treadmill after every roll or I'd be a roll myself at this point!) Jennifer
  8. You all forgot about the CLOTHES you can get at Costco!!! You can NOT beat that! Also, I can tell you that here in Chicago they have a gluten free contact person if you call the store. They have a continuouslu updated list of gluten free items and are quick to check on ANY item you have a question about. Their baby wipes are gluten-free (I use them to clean up everything!), rotisserie chicken, trail mix....it just keeps going. They are MUCH faster than any company I have dealt with in responding to a gluten-free question about any product. Hope you enjoy your new membership! Jennifer
  9. Heading to Disney next week. Does anyone know where I can purchase some gluten-free groceries and staples in the Orlando area? I appreciate any advice I can get!!! This is my first trip since my celiac diagnosis and I'm worried I'll starve! Thanks for your help! Jennifer
  10. I just realized I think I'm supposed to sign my name with my celiac info so here it is....After 1 year of feeling awful with GI symptoms, I was finally dx with celiac in December 2006...Doc left the dx on my answering machine! Biopsy confirmed dx first week of January 2007. Gluten free ever since, although it took a bit of sleuthing to find all the hidden glutens I was ingesting. Turns out I've had a plethora of celiac symptoms for YEARS that were misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. Lots of CT scans, MRIs, specialists...yada, yada, yada. I will say the highlight of turning 40 is that I feel better than I EVER have in my life!!! Thank you all for helping me conquer this gluten-free hurdle by paving the way into baking for me!! Jennifer DX 1/07 gluten free since 1/07
  11. First off, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your quick and hopefully tasty responses!!! I'm going to have a bake-off this weekend and try them all. Surely one will turn out! I used to be a really good baker before losing flour! Honest!! But I must admit, I'm a bit of moron about gluten-free baking. So...when you say to add 1/2 c. more liquid, does that mean just more milk? Sorry to need so much direction. Thanks again for your help! Jennifer
  12. 40 is looming large in 2 weeks - my first birthday since my celiac diagnosis. A birthday just won't seem right without cake. I've been too afraid to try gluten free baking, but the time has come. I have a great buttercream frosting recipe but I need a good white cake recipe to go with it. Could you please help me? Many thanks! Jennifer
  13. Hi there! I'm getting confused again with hidden ingredients. Does anyone know what PVP is? It is in some of my hair products and the company says they are gluten free. But I know I've seen that Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is often listed next to PVP Copolymer. Are there different kinds of PVP? Bottom line...does anyone know if PVP contains gluten?? Thanks! Jennifer
  14. Thanks for your advice. I suspect a food diary is the way to go. This is all just so unreal to me that after almost 40 years I can be this affected by foods I've eaten my whole life. I spent the bulk of the week looking into personal care products. I ditched my shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream, body lotion, face lotion, styling mousse, and hairspray. What a journey! I'm hoping it's just that my intestines are so messed up right now that anything touching them hurts. I started taking Probiotics yesterday, so hopefully that will expedite the healing process. I'll try taking out dairy and see if that helps. Thanks for the advice. Please keep the encouragement coming as my positive outlook seems to ebb and flow by the hour! Thanks again! Jennifer
  15. Hi, all. Hoping you can offer some insight since I'm getting very little from my MD. Dx with celiac about 3 weeks ago and have been gluten-free now for 3+ weeks. Everything glutenous is out - food and personal care products. I felt great and had normal poops (sorry to be so graphic) for 3 days. However, for the past 2 weeks it's been a downward spiral. Stomach pains and diarrhea are back to the norm. Is this at all normal? Everything I've read makes it seem like you go gluten free and you're better within days and that's the end of it. I'm so tired of worrying about all this. Could someone PLEASE offer me some words of advice or insight into why I'm STILL SICK???? Thanks! Jennifer
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