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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Mi-Del animal crackers are a staple in our house too. I live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. They are available at larger size Sobies grocery stores and the larger size Loblaws and affiliates (Eg Zehrs) that have a health food section. They come in a small blue 8 oz bag with pictures of animal crackers on it and a big red sign on the bottom of the front that says Gluten Free. Good Luck Donna
  2. My five year old had very similiar symptoms as your daughter when she was 4 years old. My doctor sent me to a pediatrician who said my daughter (as well as celiac and casein intolerance) had an iron deficiency. She was low energy, cranky and poor apetite. She has been taking an iron supplement since then and went from the 10th percentile to the 40th percentile in size for her age. She was only 6 lbs 11 oz at birth so this is pretty good. Her appetite and mood have both improved since the added iron. Finding a gluten-free and C/F childs multivitan with iron was challenging but I found a great pharmacist who did a lot of legwork for me. Donna
  3. Gfcf

    Some Autistic websites now claim that these children respond better to a gluten-free and cassein free diet. You may find some recipies that are both gluten-free and cassein free if you looked on autistic support groupsites. My daughter is also gluten-free and C/F but not autistic. We use a soy based powdered baby formula for any recipe calling for milk powder and it is an easy way to have a milk substitute in the house for making waffles etc. from scratch. Donna Kitchener
  4. Make Your Own Pasta?

    Kathleen, Have you tried to make lasagna in a round pie pan and use soft corn tortilla's instead of the traditional lasagna shaped pasta. I have done this using more of a mexican seasoning with ground beef, tomato sauce and shredded cheese. Bake 20 minutes at 350F. A great easy substitute! Donna
  5. Dear Emmy, How much do you know about beef and protein. I have read before that cassein is found in the "mild" of a beef as well as the milk. I am not sure what the "mild" part is. My sister is also gluten free and cassein free. She cannot tolerate beef because of the cassein content. Next time try chicken. Donna
  6. I took a gluten free cooking course a couple of years ago from the most amazing chef at our local college. One of the most important lessons I learned was flour is substituted by weight, not volume. I then add 3/4 teaspoon xanthum gum per cup of Gluten free flour mix used. Bette Hagman books have a nice little chart in them that lists the proper weight of all the gluten-free free flours so a bit of simple math and fractions and you can convert any of your favourite gluten-free free mixes for All Purpose Flour. Good Luck! Donna
  7. The food we feed our pet is Purina Lamb and Rice. Therefore a dog can digest rice. Why not give him salt free rice crackers from your own gluten free stash?
  8. Yellow Cake

    Amy's gluten free yellow cake mix is indeed great tasting. I keep the mix on the shelf but only put 3/4 cups sugar in and not 1 1/4 cups. I then add one package gluten free Jello Jelly powder, depending on what flavour of cake my children want. It works great! One 85g pkg Jello equals 1/2 cup sugar. The rest I do the same as the directions. A professional baker also told me to wrap up any cupcakes or cake in Saran Wrap while they are warm, but cool enough to handle with your bare hands and freeze immediatly. When they are thawed they taste like fresh baked. Comes in handy to have cupcakes in the freezer for those last minute birthday invitations. Thanks Amy! Donna
  9. I make two loaves of bread in my bread machine every week. It works fine but please note "DO NOT FOLLOW MANUFACTURERS DIRECTIONS ON BREAD MACHINE". Any of Bette Hagman's recipies work well, however, use your bread machine a little differently. Gluten free bread rises the first time great, gets punched down and never rises to the same extent again. It also is a little heavier for the poor machine to mix. Try the following: (a) remove bread pan from machine ( start bread machine empty on basic cycle. ©premix wets of recipe put in bottom of pan you removed from bread machine.(d) premix drys, put on top of wets in same pan.(e)insert pan into bread machine when it stops for the first rest cycle.(this will not hurt bread machine - I spoke to manufacturer). This way the bread gets one 20 minute mix, one hour rise, one hour bake. Works great. If your loaves are flat and not nice and roundy on top like wheat bread try decreasing water by one tablespoon and increasing oil by one tablespoon. I also find for a two pound loaf, I am using 2 1/4 teaspoons of yeast, 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt, 2 1/2 teaspoons of xanthum. These ratios are important for the proper chemistry like reaction. The total weight of my liquids (including eggs and sugar) equals 85% of the weight of my flour mixture. This is also important. Good Luck! Donna
  10. Bad Mood... Really Discouraged.

    Dear Newbie, Don't concentrate on what you can't eat but what you can! You can have any type of fresh fruit or veggies you want! Make yourself a Fruit/sorbet (gluten free sorbet) fancy drink in the blender, add a fancy straw and pull up a seat to start reading. Go thru the junk food allowable lists posted at Celiac.com and make a list of all the allowable junk food you can eat (eg some Hershey chocolate bars - see listings for more details). Join the local celiac group and ask fellow members where it eat out, what they like to order and why (I keep this list in the glove compartment of our car). Take a gluten free cooking course. Try making Nanimo bars but use 1 cup gluten free crushed corn flakes and 1/4 cup brown sugar to substitute for the graham wafers and indulge! Poke your nose into oriental or South American supermarkets, you don't know what rice based, half decent tasting specialty you might find! Stock up on gluten free potato chips for those 11:00pm junk food moods, indulge in a popcorn making machine. Be happy, your gluten intolerance was discovered before anything like diabetes or cancer set in! Think of it as being able to eat the frosting out of the bowl without having to finish the cake! Life will get easier with time. Donna
  11. Dear Sarah, Hang in there, as the kids get older they do start to realize their emotions a little better. My older daughter (now 6 1/2 years old) never slept when she was 1 1/2 to about 3 1/2 years old. My second daughter (now 4 years old) slept OK but never diaper trained until she was gluten and dairy free. Both were diagnosed around 3 1/2 years of age. (1) get yourself a high energy, age appropriate toy that works indoors the children love and it "REALLY" tires them out. We have a "spider stomper" game from Zellers, favourite fast music to dance to and do exercises, and a Jump-O-Lene. When they both get driving me crazy, I crank up the favourite music, blow up the Jump-O-Lene and sit and watch them jump out their energies. Both girls have been thru gymnastics classes. I also complained to our pharmacist that they have "lactaid" for the milk intolerant but nothing for gluten intolerant at times for those little accidents at restaurants etc. He recommended a specific over the counter digestive drug that was safe for a four year old. If we have an accident, I give her one and hang out close to the bathroom. An hour later and a few runs to the washroom and it clears out her system so we can have some safe food and a happy girl again. It also took the tummy ache away within 15 minutes of swallowing. I am just a stay at home mom though, not a doctor, so ask your pharmacist if they have anything to speed up the gluten out of their system faster that is safe for the age of your child. Prior to that I would sit on the couch and rock my daughter while she literally screamed and clutched her stomach for up to an hour after ingesting gluten. A couple times I have tried recording the outbursts and playing them back to her when she feels better so she knows it is not just mom being unreasonable . Good Luck Donna
  12. Tortilla Making

    Tortilla making is great with a tortilla maker! I assume you have a manual tortilla press (the silver coloured aluminum kind like they advertise on the internet.) For your first attempt, keep it simple, pick up a bag of "masa harina". Check your local mexican/south american section of your grocery store. This stuff is pure corn flour with a little lime added. Make sure when you mix it up that the water you use is warm, a little cooler than what you would be comfortable washing dishes in. Mix with a fork according to directions on side of bag. Now this is where we cheat a little, get two pieces of wax paper and cover both plates of the tortilla press with the waxed paper. Next put a little vegetable oil on the wax paper to prevent sticking. Let the kids make golfball size balls out of the dough for you. (stuff is almost like dry playdough). Put doughball in centre of greased waxed paper on tortilla press, cover with second greased wax paper sheet and press. A perfect shape tortilla, carefully peel wax paper off tortilla and fry in a "CAST IRON" frypan. I have tried the no stick surfaces and the stainless steel frypans. Only Cast Iron gives it a good texture and even cooking. Once you have success with the masa harina, try substituting your favourite Gluten Free flour mixture instead but substitute by weight, not volume or you will have a sticky mess! Good Luck! Donna
  13. Denise, My celiac "baby" is now six years old. She was one of those skinny, colicky babies that was forever gassy. She could not handle "Heintz" rice cereal because there was barley malt flavouring in the stuff. I discovered "Pablum" brand was made from Rice and Soy. She loved it and the gas pain and smelly poop was greatly reduced. I also was breast feeding at the time and cut milk, wheat and eggs out of my diet for a while until we had narrowed the problem down to the gluten. Talk to your doctor and see if he thinks pablum brand might work. Don't forget a vitamin suppliment for yourself if you are going to tinker with your own diet. When I switched from Heintz Cereal to Pablum, she gained two pounds in one month, a milestone for us! Now she is gluten free for the last six years and the second tallest child in her class!
  14. I add a teaspoon of vinegar to my bread. It then lasts in a wooden bread box at room temperature for up to four days (stored in a plastic bag of course). The wooden bread box storage seems to add two days to its life. Check your vinegar source though, I have read conflicting reports in the past as to which vinegars are gluten free and which are not. I use a distilled white vinegar. Donna