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  1. honestly i would have her checked for eosinophils it can mimick celiacs and crohns and you would have a neg blood owrk and neg biopsy for both and not all gi will look for eosinophils so you would have to ask and make sure on the pathology report it says none or zeron not that just that show anything on it because alot of times they dont look that is why its missing on the report and it can be caused by wheat and other allergys even evniromental allergys its a bit harder to treat its more wide spread than just glutten but wheat and their other7 top allergens tend to be the main culprits good luck hillary
  2. where did you find the rates on teh eos of high>4 my daughter was just biospy her was more than 75 just cant seem to find much about how they determine the severity of it and and allergy testing doenst alway lend results for teh eos triggers since to get a pos allergy test its a ige antibody and for some resaon alot of the triggers for eos disorders is a non ige response so you can get neg test and stil have gi inflamtion
  3. just wanted to say thanks for all the helpyou all have been we have a diagnoise for my 8yrold daughter she has eosinophilic gastroenterist its an allergic reaction of the gi tract somewhat like celiacs but to alot more foods and eviromental allergys so if some of you with out pos biopsy find out if they checked for eosinphils alot of drs dont check because they dont know to look for them and this is a relatively new diease and its not treated alot or diagnoised someone said ithink 4yrs form the time of sytomps to get a accurate diagnoise we were lucky and got one in a few months but it should be checked because it causes reflux and all and lot of hte kids are allergic to wheat and other things as well which is why the celiac diet can be helpful thanks again for the help
  4. yah well that is basically what they fed hannah too after her surgery was nothing but gluten so wonder she had amigraine and pain but she was on soo much pain meds proably good thing i am shocked that kids that were in there with pos blood test for celiacs were being offered nothing but gluten now for my dd its unclear but last night she ate chicken nuggets and was sick with in the hour i woudlnt have fed her that but i wasnt home either daddy let her pick what she wanted since she had to endure her testing that day sigh he is not on the wagon about the gluten free or even gluten light he says he is but then he feed her chicken nuggets and calls to find out where her meds are to help her stomach pains
  5. hannah been on previcid 30mg since sept its clearly not helping so i guess we try soemthing else now
  6. my 8yrold just had the scope done she didnt even have to wear a gown go figure she got to wear her street clothes not sure how they managed that undressed her from waist down after she was knocked out was my guess but she was fully dressed when i got back to her room so she has no idea she even had a scope up the hind in which is all as well she is veyr modest i have to say other than them offering her nothing but gluten after they rock
  7. ok my 8yr dd had her endoscop and colonoscopy done today and they ruled out crohns but we wont have the biopsy results back for a few days to a week they did find grade 4 errosion of her esophgus and some gastrist in her stomach can that be related to celiacs? or is that seperate issues altogether another thing i am shocked about is they are testing her for crohns and celiac but as she came to they offered her nothing but glutton what if she was celiac they had only chex mix, gold fisha nd grammy bears for her to eat arghhhhhhhh i said she cant have those they make her stomach hurt they were surprised and said well thats all we have and this is a childrens hospital right before she went in a little 3yrold was having his scope done and had a huge post on his celiac blood panel so i wonder if they fed him glutton too http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v378/sba...giphotos1-1.jpg
  8. ye from what i can gather they didnt do all the test i dont know why other than they dont know about the others or what i will ask the gi dr about it
  9. bitter sweet cup isnt it, now you know for sure but you were sort of hoping it wasnt ?
  10. yes i think that is exactly what were gonna do this week i plan to go and start replacing our glutened food wiht nonglutened foods dd has been gluten free for 3days not on purpose just been soo sick she hasnt eaten anything with gluten i cant say she feels better cause she has the flu, but she hasnt complained once that her stomach hurt i just plan on continueing this she has her gi appointment jan 31st so i guess we see what they say about the blood work and if they want to order more test even if her blood work was pos not sure i would want the biospy i was reading where for most to be considered celiac pos a pos biospy, then gluten free 6mos then a neg biopsy then eat gluten for 3months then anouther pos biopsy was needed, umm i ams orry but if they know that gluten is causing the damage and they actually want you to eat stuff htat is posion to your body that seems contradictory to the oath do no harm doesnt it
  11. hannah is iga def but i knew that she had her tonsils and adnoids removed at 23month due to iga def and chronic infections in both by her ent but is that the same iga def you mean she doesnt produce normal amounts of iga antibodies to protect her muscus membranes so she is more likely toget nasty infections my oldest son is totally iga def he produces none even at 15 still doesnt produce any
  12. all i know is the igg panel and iga panel under 11 was considered normal i have nothing else for the other panel that was done and the other ones they werent done just the two panels the gliadin panel, and the endomysical panel were the only two test run and the retiuline iga thats all the ran is that not the full panel?
  13. or show me so a site that explains them i asked them to tell me what test they ran and what the numbers were and if i misspelled things please excuse gliadin anti bodie panel iga 3 igg 4 endomysial antibodie screen iga neg retiuline iga less than 5 no antibobies detected
  14. ok if this makes any sense she had gliadin antibodi panel igg was 4 iga 3 endomysial antibodie screen her iga was neg and retiuline iga antibobies was less than 1-5 antibodies not detected does that at all m ake any sense
  15. she is 8 not young so i dont know what to think she still has her gi appointment but still very disappointed
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