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  1. Hi There, I just wanted to let you know that I have a 3 year old that was just diagnosed with Celiac. I have been pushing her Pediatric Dr to test her and he kept saying "she is just going to be thin, just tall since she was preemie". Well, I decided not to take that answer any longer! I was diagnosed in July '01 which I have not been following a strict diet and which I do not have symptoms as your child or mine. I just get really bad headaches. This is definately an eye opening experience for anyone with these type of allergies. All I can tell you is that I do the same thing with the gluten free items. If you go to celiac.com and order things online, we have discovered some companies produce better items than others (i.e. 'Cause You're Special makes a wonderful biscuit and sweet corn muffin mix, the Gluten Free Pantry makes a wonderful brownie mix and Pamela's Products has a wonderful pancake & baking mix that is already mixed. How easy is that! Now it is more expensive to buy them like that, but I don't make a lot of things from scratch myself. I have purchased the Clan Thompson pocket guides on drugs (prescription and over the counter) and the restaurant/dining guide. These are very helpful as well. If you go to your favorite restaurants that are not in those guides, simply ask to talk to the manager and most of the time they are very quite helpful. Please feel free to contact me about specific products as I have myself and my mother contacted a lot of manufacturers about certain items. Good luck!
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