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  1. Thank you to everyone for your helpful suggestions. Actually my girlfriend is a member of this site (that is how I found the site) and she knew it was me who posted this so I am busted. I didnt realize she knew me that well, she said she could tell by the way I spoke it was me.
  2. I worked at Subway and I wouldnt suggest it. All of the cutting and preparing are done on the same table, and with the same tools. They get wiped down but the cutting boards only get washed once a day (at the end of the night) and it would be so easy to cross contaminate something.
  3. Ok well I just realized that this site has like 5000 threads pinned and nobody will ever see this
  4. I am far from a very good cook, but I would love to be able to cook her a nice meal. I actually know very little about cooking, but if anyone has any fairly simple ideas for me to prepare for her and set up a nice romantic dinner I would appreciate it.
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