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  1. The truth is, none of the tests are 100% accurate. So even after 4-12 weeks of a gluten challenge, you may not have a 100% positive test result. I say get the tests done anyway but no matter what the results are, go back to the gluten-free lifestyle! I have been tested six ways to sunday, all negative. I do have Crohn's disease however. The gluten-free diet is the ONLY thing that works for me. Whether you should test now at 4 weeks or wait the full 12, I don't know. But don't torture yourself. You know how your body feels, do what you think is right!
  2. I would start with one thing at a time. You are good with the gluten, I suggest dairy next. And I wouldn't just cut out lactose dairy, I'd cut out all cows (& goats) dairy at least for a few months and see how you feel. After that, start adding back in hard cheese and pure yogurt that are lactose free and see how you feel. Many gluten-free items are also dairy free but be sure to check everything. Also dairy hides in a lot of things the same way that gluten does so be careful. A great website to check out is godairyfree.org There are many great dairy free substitute products out there, including coconut milk products, almond milk, rice milk and so on.
  3. I'm sorry to hear it, unfortunately it could take even a lot longer, but keep the faith, it will happen!!
  4. ONE more note hahaha, sorry. I just realized that your sister-in-law would be their biological aunt, right? Duh, sorry it took so long to make the family connection. Your husband should definitely get tested and all your kids!
  5. Oh, and another note. I spent most of my life constipated, gassy, uncomfortable. I also got rashes. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 2 years ago via colonoscopy. I'm 29 now. I did not test positive for Celiac but after extensive research and a few trial runs, I went gluten free and it's made a HUGE difference. I feel great right now. I also avoid dairy. But that's getting into a whole other can of worms and you're already overwhelmed! If you want, take a look at my blog, there are lots of links to other gluten free bloggers in the right sidebar as well. www.alifeofsugarandspice.com Jen
  6. Celiac is definitely genetic so if one child has it, it's very likely that the other do too. It's not 100% certain, but likely, since they all have varied symptoms. You might be surprised to find that your son with ADD does well on a gluten free diet, even if they don't find Celiac. Also, Celiac bloodwork is not always 100% accurate. Some people have spent years trying to get a diagnosis when bloodwork doesn't show a positive result. Don't go gluten free yet though, wait until the tests are done. Going gluten free begins the healing process and after a time can produce false negatives as well. Celiac is a tricky one to diagnose, and now they're beginning to realize that there's no such thing as a "typical" Celiac, the disease manifests itself outwardly in many many different ways. I know it seems overwhelming right now but you've come to the right place. This is a great start for information and support. There are tons of people writing and talking about Celiac on the net, do a google search for gluten free blogs. Lots of great info on foods, tips about the disease, etc. Good luck with the testing and if they all come back positive, don't panic!! It's tough at first to find out you can't have all the foods you love anymore, but they will feel so much better in probably a short amount of time once they get the hang of the gluten free life.
  7. Sounds like Celiac, that rash on your hands sounds like Dermatitis Herpetiformis which is the Celiac rash. Plus all your other symptoms, the malabsorption, the positive IgA, the feeling better off gluten. Do yourself a favor and stick with the gluten-free diet!! And put your children on it too. Your life will be so much better!
  8. I'm dairy free and my doc asked me to start taking calcium + Vit D supplements in addition to a daily multivitamin. You can also get calcium from various non-dairy food sources, green veggies, some fruits, fortified juices or non-dairy milks, etc. Check out godairyfree.org for tons of great dairy free info, including this article about calcium: http://www.godairyfree.org/FAQs/Dairy-Free...ut-Calcium.html I started taking probiotics but stopped them when I didn't see a significant difference.
  9. Bloating is not always caused by gluten, there are lots of foods that can cause bloating, especially sugar. Just because you didn't feel bloated the last time you ate cookies doesn't mean you won't ever feel bloated after eating them. There are lots of other factors that go into feeling bloated too, what else you ate today and even yesterday, how much water you've had, etc. I don't think you got glutened by the food dye or sprinkles.
  10. I buy it in my regular grocery store in the dairy section. Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese
  11. If you're concerned about getting a real diagnosis, then I definitely suggest finding a good doctor that knows about celiac so that you can be properly tested. If not, and you just are ok with going gluten free then by all means. But I highly recommend getting tested, it makes it a lot easier to stick to the diet when you have an actual diagnosis, trust me! Not knowing for sure can lead to a lot of "well... I don't even really know if I have Celiac, so this one slip won't hurt" situations. But do note that if you are going to get tested, you might want to continue eating gluten up until then, as going gluten free for too long before testing can produce a false negative. The fact that your sister has MS means their is autoimmunity in the family and if she suspects Celiac too, then you both should most definitely get tested. I hope you find your answers and feel better soon!!!!!
  12. With all of those symptoms, I would definitely ask to be tested for Celiac. They may try to tell you that it couldn't be Celiac for whatever reason, but don't be afraid to push. And don't stop at bloodwork, get an endoscopy too. I'm not saying all your symptoms are definitely Celiac, but it's definitely worth getting tested when you can't find any other answers. If all the tests come back negative, you might try the gluten-free diet anyway, but wait until after the tests to start it as going gluten-free early can produce false negatives. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!!
  13. I suffered for almost 15 years until I discovered the gluten free diet. I was told for a long time that I had IBS, or stress, or it's all in my head. I was officially diagnosed with Crohn's disease last year after a colonoscopy. It took me years to get Celiac tested because the docs said my symptoms weren't "typical" but there really is no such thing as a "typical" Celiac. I have not had a small bowel biopsy but I do not have the two recognized genes and my bloodwork was normal (borderline). I cut out gluten and it makes a HUGE difference, I also cut out all dairy, I react more severly to dairy, more like an allergy, but gluten is the cause of my constipation/diarrhea cycles. It sounds to me like you most definitely either have Celiac or a full blown wheat allergy. Your doc should give you those tests! If he won't, find another one. If you really need that solid proof (I totally understand, I'm the same way) then keep pushing. I went through many docs before finding one that actually listened and put me through the proper tests. Even now though, after diagnosis, he doesn't believe that diet has anything to do with Crohn's, even though I've proved it time and again going on and off the gluten-free diet. But no matter what he says, I know it works and I will stick with it permanently this time. The moral of the story - Keep pushing for testing!! Find docs that will listen to you! You know you're body better than anyone! :)
  14. I guess it would help if we knew what else you ate, besides the Santitas?
  15. Santitas chips are gluten and casein free, maybe some cross contamination at Moe's? Sorry to hear it, I hope you feel better soon!!
  16. I've read a lot of places that some people have issues with xanthan gum, and/or yeast. It might not be the flours, could be other additives possibly! I hope you figure it out!
  17. What else did you eat yesterday? Or the day before that? Sometimes the reaction is delayed.
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