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  1. well I can pick up the lab order anytime --so if I have gluten for dinner tonight and eat gluten during the day tomorrow, then I could have blood drawn on Thurday morning and that should be ok, don't you think so? thanks! omg, I cringe thinking about the fact I'll have to feel like that all day tomorrow- UGH!
  2. everyone thanks again for your help- and to "tiredofdoctors" thanks for your help on the mercury - I am on top of the mercury issue - currently taking "Merc-out" and seeing a specialist and I have candida (glabrata which is more stubborn, not albicans) which they said I won't get rid of until i get rid of all the mercury and toxic bridgework in my mouth--so thanks for that and I am on a great enzyme Vitalzym which has serratia peptidase in it (and fyi -there's some Stanford U testing on celiac and enzymes) I have a question though- I was sooooooo sick I took the gluten out of my diet for the last two days (and I feel 60% better already) but I finally got a lab order for the screening and I know I need to eat gluten for an accurate test, so does anyone know for how long I need to be eating it again? is two days enough for it to show up in my screening test? because after all this I sure don't want to get a false negative, it's just that I was sooooooo desperate for some relief!!! thanks for the help if anyone knows!! P.S. also, I found a great new book titled Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic and it's written by Dr. Peter Green, the Director of the Celiac Disease Center @ Columbia University.
  3. thanks everybody! and I was looking at some of your signatures and the list of issues and they read like mine with multiple food allergies, (wheat, yeast, dairy etc) and multiple other allergies, no tolerance for sugar (Candida dx/ and mercury toxicity) and can't have most sweeteners of any kind (I seem to do ok with stevia and erythitol) and I have osteopenia, have had previous dx of chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia (which is now very severe), can't tolerate chemicals, etc and on it goes --actually I am not sure what I am going to eat. Even bean flours make me ill, too high carb with the candida. And I really hate to eat now, everything makes me sick, and so I skip meals because I feel so much better if I just don't eat but then, when I can't take it any longer, I grab the first thing in sight, which usually has gluten in it Again, thank you for the welcome and I'd better get reading now- oh one last question, and I am guessing this may go to Leaky Gut Syndrome, but has anyone had issues as well with bacterial infections or extremely high bacterial imbalances in stool test results? thanks again for the help!
  4. Hi I'm Jacey and I have been extremely ill for 2 years and that doesn't even touch the 8 years prior to that - but the last 6 months I have been ill beyond function but have completely normal blood tests, so no one will believe me when I say I am so very ill!!!- Almost all food except very plain food makes me ill- and this explains why many symptons pretty much go away when I go low-carb- and then I stumbled upon this place last night- and OMG I know I have celiac I have absolutely every symptom here from profuse sweating to abdominal swelling ---I'm arranging for tests next week, and i'm in the middle of another round of testing for autoimmune diseases (the last round were all negative) and I have been to somewhere around 15-20 doctors who thought I needed an antidepressant! I am just beginning to check the site out, but if someone could answer a couple quick questions please- is fibromyalgia typically associated with this? or vice versa? and what about bone and joint swelling? and last, Raynauds? that's actually how I found this page was there was an article that said Raynauds can sometimes be an indicator of Celiac? thanks so much for any help! jacey
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